User Group

GTL’s User Group Training Conference is a way for customers to interact with our staff and other GTL customers – including power users of our products – as part of an interactive, multi-day event.

User training sessions form the backbone of the User Group agenda. Popular sessions include report writing, use of investigative tools, and sessions that show how product features can be used to create efficiencies. Each conference offers a unique line-up of discussion topics, so there is always something new. Multiple classes are available during most time slots, thereby allowing attendees to select the topics that will benefit them the most.

One of the draws for User Group is that GTL customers get to interact directly with the product development and service teams to see the future of the GTL product line and provide valuable insight to these teams regarding how the products and services are used in day-to-day operations. New product showcases, one-on-one demonstrations of new technology, and a fun atmosphere make User Group a must-attend event for all GTL customers.

Your Voice Matters

Prior to each User Group conference, customers are given the opportunity to vote on potential GTL product changes that were suggested by other customers.

This feedback drives development of the products and services we offer to the corrections market, and incorporating direct input from our customers is another reason why GTL’s products are category leaders in the industry.

User Group is held annually in locations that rotate across the country to make it convenient for all GTL customers to attend. To ensure that you are notified about the next User Group, please contact your account manager.

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