About GTL

GTL: The Corrections Innovation Leader

For nearly 25 years, GTL has been the trusted, one-stop source for integrated technology solutions for the corrections market.

We started as a provider of correctional telecommunications services, offering facilities both control and a steady source of income to help augment budgets. Over time, we have expanded our vision and capabilities by identifying emerging trends in commerce (electronic debit, payment services, kiosks, etc.), control (facility management, investigative technologies, etc.), and communication (video visitation and visitation management), developing and integrating the most powerful solutions in each area.

Today, GTL is the leading provider of integrated corrections technology for facilities across North America. We help correctional departments gain an unprecedented view into virtually every aspect of their inmate populations and facilities, driving higher levels of control and safety and enabling them to meet today’s and tomorrow’s operational challenges with confidence.

We connect inmates with the people and services that help with their rehabilitation. Our solutions align with recognized corrections best practices, including those aimed at preparing inmates for successful reentry to society and reducing recidivism rates.

With financial strength, visionary technology and a proven history of providing exceptional value, GTL is ready to put our team to work for you!

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About GTL