Our Mission

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At GTL, our mission is to create impactful connections and provide industry-leading service. We give incarcerated individuals the ability to stay engaged with their support networks by making meaningful connections through our products and services.


Regardless of past life choices, socioeconomic status or criminal history, we make sure everyone has access to technology and education to improve their personal outcomes during incarceration and post-release.

In addition, we provide law enforcement with secure tools to create safer, more efficient correctional institutions. In order to deliver these critical solutions, we are committed to being the industry leader in both technology and service for at-risk communities, correctional facilities, corrections officers, inmates and their friends and family.

2020 Sustainability Perspective

GTL’s 2020 Sustainability Perspective highlighted our dedication to listening to our stakeholders, internalizing their feedback and responding accordingly. When it comes to sustainability, GTL is just at the beginning of our journey. In the future, our goals include:

  • Conducting a full sustainability materiality assessment. This will involve reaching out to stakeholders to identify GTL’s business-critical sustainability issues and then developing a comprehensive approach to solve them.
  • Reaching new levels of engagement with our stakeholders. Working with our stakeholders on the materiality assessment process will help us grow our relationships and increase stakeholder engagement.
  • Investing in a better understanding of our impacts. In 2021, we will work to better identify how our services have helped ease the transition for people reentering society, as well as other positive impacts our services have had on stakeholders.
  • Exploring ways to balance the benefits of our services across our groups of customers. GTL will work to develop systems that meet the needs of all partners, even when their interests do not align. A main focus will be on the affordability of our services, particularly to justice-involved people.

Our four key stakeholders are our employees, partners, policy movers, and society. With our employees, we continue to focus on those areas which are beneficial to both our team members and GTL as a whole, including Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Career Development, and Ethics and Integrity.

With our partners, we have put a focus on innovation by expanding our products and services, rethinking our pricing and affordability, and doubling down on our efforts related to data privacy and security.

Within our communities, we have focused on partnering with reentry-focused organizations that are making a difference in the lives of incarcerated individuals and their families, including EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute, Assisting Families of Inmates (AFOI), Ladies of Hope Ministries, and more.

As GTL continues to expand its business beyond traditional phone services for correctional facilities, we must seize on every opportunity to connect to those that mean the most to our business. The full report provides more details on our sustainability plans.