Technology In Motion

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TIM Hits the Road
GTL's complete portfolio is brought to life with Technology in Motion (TIM), enabling customers to get up close and personal with our innovations simply by stepping outside their door. With the breadth and depth of services and solutions displayed in this mobile technology center, we deliver the complete GTL experience right to our customers.

What (or Who) is TIM?
TIM is a mobile customer briefing program—a technology demonstration center housed inside a custom-built 40-foot bus. TIM includes the hardware, software, and connectivity to enable comprehensive hands-on demonstrations of GTL's full range of offerings for the corrections, government, and education sectors. Stepping on board our tour vehicle is an immersive innovation experience! 

How Can I Experience Technology in Motion?
The Technology in Motion bus is currently on a nationwide tour, with plans to stop at conferences, trade shows, and dozens of customer locations and community events throughout the year

Tour Stops: 220

Miles Traveled: Over 85,000

Customer Personnel On Board: Over 5,000