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Greater Options for Inmates and Families
Greater Options for Inmates and Families

“I’m thankful to have made It through such a tough time with my husband being away and still being able to communicate and have such a strong bond. So many people give up and I think it’s important to remember the love through hard times and to remember that everybody makes mistakes.” – Niasha, PA

“I am thankful for my family, cause they’re alive, I’m alive and my husband is alive even if he’s in jail and he is living a difficult moment. I believe that he will get the chance to choose the a new life following the right path and I hope that this moment of sadness and pain will make him stronger.” – Martina, FL

“There’s so much that I’m thankful for… that I can keep in touch with family members that are away and we can communicate through Gtl ConnectNetwork is a Blessing to our families. God has been so good to us and I wanna say thank you so much for ConnectNetwork.When I’m down I reach out to my emails.” – Janice, PA

“I’m thankful for being able to hear my son voice. I’m thankful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back and being able to do for myself… My grandbabies.. my daughter’s and my health and that Allah protection is with my family.” – Chernelle, TN

“I am thankful for technological advances that allow me more ways to stay in contact and show support and love for my incarcerated love. Incarceration doesnt make a person less worthy of love. In fact they need constant uplifting to make it through and GTL has been amazing.” – Erin, IL

“I’m thankful that although my son is locked up we are able to stay in touch by phone and have video visits. My son now has options to listen to music and see movies which keeps his spirits up around this time of year when he is missing family.” – Winona, IN

“All though it has been one of my roughest years to date, I am so thankful for this site!!! You guys help me to be able to keep in touch with the love of my life and my best friend! He has always been my strength and support! It’s been hard having him away from us but you make it much easier! Thanks.” – Kristen, IL

“I’m thankful for GTL having a service that let’s me communicate with the woman I love so much. Being able not hear her or see her in presence but being able to hear voice is magical to me. This network gives me the ability to still tell her I love her and need her in my life forever.” – Coley, PA

“Having a husband incarcerated is a struggle everyday on the wife and family. So I am very thankful for the connect app, that we can message and call. It gives us hope, faith, way to stay connected no matter what. I’m thankful for many things in life, but at the moment that is on my top list.” – Lisa, IN

“For ConnectNetwork. I have been separated from my brother for 43 years, now we can communicate daily if necessary.” – Debra, PA

“I am thankful for the peace I have in my mind and heart every evening that I am able to hear his voice even if it’s only by phone. I never imagined I would be thankful for phone calls that cost a small fortune… but they mean the world to me.” – Stephany, VA

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