Release Funding

Cashless Inmate Release Program

Technology to expedite release processes

When an inmate is released from a facility, the process for returning their funds can be burdensome for the accounting department and involves lengthy staff involvement for releasing funds. GTL’s innovative technology allows correctional facilities to streamline the release process through a suite of easy-to-use products.

In lieu of the traditional release check, the GTL ExpressRelease® Debit Card provides a way for correctional facilities to release inmates from custody with a prepaid debit card that has been loaded with funds from their account. Newly released inmates get the convenience and protection of a debit card, and correctional facilities are able to remove inmate funds from their books at release rather than waiting until the released inmate cashes their check.

All customer service for the GTL ExpressRelease Debit Card is handled by the debit card provider, so efficiencies are gained not only at the time of release but also after release. A key advantage is that the GTL ExpressRelease Debit Card program is available to correctional facilities at no cost!

The GTL ExpressRelease® solution includes convenient deposit options for posting bond or bail for low-risk offenders. The GTL ExpressRelease solution offers multiple ways to make such payments – both remotely and in-person – providing greater convenience for families and friends of low-risk offenders.


Increase Efficiency

Whether it is releasing inmates on bail or bond or releasing inmate funds, it is important that the process can be followed quickly and without time-consuming errors. The ExpressRelease product suite offers tools to ensure that releasing inmates or funds can be handled with ease so that all funds are correctly noted in the accounting system.

Reduce Data Entry

The ExpressRelease product suite utilizes extensive configuration and automation to reduce the data entry required to release inmates or funds. The ExpressRelease products ensure that all data is properly logged in the system, so reporting is accurate and data is up-to-date, all with minimal staff involvement.

Reduce Costs

The GTL ExpressRelease product suite is designed to reduce operating expenses at correctional facilities. Inmate releases using GTL ExpressRelease require less staff involvement since payments can be accepted from a broad range of GTL deposit systems.

The ExpressRelease Debit Card eliminates the need to purchase checks for releasing inmate funds, and less time is required to generate a refund using the ExpressRelease Debit Card versus traditional methods.

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