Transaction Accounts

Deposit Inmate Funds Securely

Easy Account Creation and Management Options for Inmate Friends and Family

GTL offers multiple options for an inmate’s friends and family to set up and fund telephone accounts, inmate trust accounts, or commissary accounts. By offering a variety of convenient payment options, GTL streamlines the payment process for friends and family members of inmates seeking to communicate with loved ones who are incarcerated in a corrections facility or provide them with funds.

GTL offers eight convenient options to fund accounts:

  • Online –
  • Automated telephone (IVR) system
  • Payment via operator-assisted call
  • Payment via certified check or money order
  • Payment via Western Union
  • Lobby Kiosk (where available)
  • Intake Kiosk (where available, booked inmates can fund their own accounts)

The ConnectNetwork website and the automated telephone (IVR) tools can also provide convenient access to account tools like balance checks, account creation, and funding for accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both MasterCard® and Visa® credit or debit cards are accepted.

The GTL suite of payment tools can accept deposits for government payments, inmate telephone accounts, PIN debit telephone accounts, commissary accounts, trust fund accounts, bail/bond payments, and payments to other government or correctional facility accounts.

GTL is dedicated to ensuring that friends and family of inmates have access to payment methods that meet their needs without requiring assistance from correctional staff. By introducing cutting-edge technology while maintaining compatibility with legacy systems and processes, GTL ensures that there is a method of deposit that works for all inmate friends and family members to minimize impact on correctional facilities while maximizing the ability to easily create and fund accounts.


Multiple Payment Methods

Inmate friends and families need to be able to create and/or fund telephone, commissary, and trust accounts easily, and GTL has a solution to this problem. GTL has employed tremendous resources to ensure that deposit processes are as quick and seamless as possible. With seven available deposit options, there is a range of convenient alternatives that appeals to inmate friends and family members.

Account Tools

GTL allows inmate friends and family members to manage their account using a variety of tools including operator-assisted calls, automated telephone (IVR) tools, and online using Many of these tools let the inmate friend or family member check their balances, add or remove correctional facilities and inmates from an account, and much more. By providing this level of information and control, correctional facilities do not have to invest resources and time to assist inmates’ friends and family members with requests related to inmate calling or accounts.

Multiple Accounts Supported

Correctional facilities often have multiple accounts related to each inmate. With floor and wall space at a premium, there are enormous efficiencies to be gained by using the GTL transaction services. By utilizing GTL deposit services, inmate friends and family members can fund various accounts at a correctional facility through one provider. This not only creates a simpler, more convenient experience for inmate friends and family members but also introduces efficiencies for correctional facilities.

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