Intake Kiosks

Reduce Cash Handling at Booking While Increasing Efficiency

The GTL Intake Kiosk uses technology to significantly increase efficiency and reduce liability when booking inmates into correctional facilities. By utilizing automation, funds such as cash, credit cards, and loose coins collected from inmates at the time of booking can be transferred into an offender management system such as GTL OMS or deposited according to existing processes using the GTL Intake Kiosk to accurately and quickly count all funds.

The GTL Intake Kiosk counts coins and paper currency using bulk bill and bulk coin counting mechanisms. Deposits to trust or commissary accounts can be made using a credit or debit card. As an added benefit, inmates have the opportunity to use the kiosk to send a facility-approved voice message at time of booking to notify friends or family of their incarceration. Funds collected are automatically applied to the correct inmate account with just a few quick entries using its touch screen. With the GTL Intake Kiosk, counting and recounting funds from booked inmates is a thing of the past, and there is no cash being put into property bags to become lost or stolen.


Count Funds Accurately and Efficiently

The GTL Intake Kiosk allows facility staff to drop handfuls of coins into the coin counter and place stacks of bills into the bill counter to quickly and accurately count funds taken from inmates at booking. All funds are guaranteed by GTL as soon as they are accepted by the GTL Intake Kiosk, so accepting funds at a facility has never been easier or more efficient.

Avoid Risk

Misplacing inmate funds or being deceived by counterfeit bills are nightmares that many facilities experience on a regular basis. The GTL Intake Kiosk has been designed to solve the problems that correctional facilities face when handling inmate funds. Counterfeit bills are rejected by the intake kiosk at the time of acceptance so financial losses can be avoided. All inmate funds are counted and deposited at booking, so there is no cash to be lost or stolen from property.

Data Entry and Record Keeping Simplified

Funds accepted by the GTL Intake Kiosk are counted and logged, and they can be automatically transferred to the appropriate inmate account so that correctional facility staff do not have to manually process deposits. The entire system has been designed to reduce time and money handling so correctional facilities run more efficiently.

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