GTL Honors Those Who Serve

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918, World War I came to an end with the signing of the armistice agreement between Germany and the Allies.  Originally known as Armistice Day, Veterans Day is recognized on November 11th each year to honor veterans of all wars.  Regardless of the day […]

Hispanic Heritage Month – The L.E.A.D. ERG Shares Their Favorite Recipes

As Hispanic Heritage Month concludes, we want to emphasize our commitment to being an equal opportunity employer that provides an inclusive and diverse work environment. Several months ago, we announced the creation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are multicultural and multigenerational teams focused on business outreach, professional development, and recruitment. There are several groups […]

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – Explore Latinx and Hispanic Museums Across the U.S.

Hispanic and Latinx art and culture are unique and deserving of recognition. Many museums have collections celebrating artists and their work, including the Smithsonian and Museum of Modern Art. However, there are many museums dedicated exclusively to recognizing Latinx and Hispanic history and culture. Museum of Latin American Art – The museum educates the public through the collection, […]

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – Noted Authors and Novels

“Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry,” said Gabriel García Márquez. And what a world he, and other Hispanic and Latinx authors, have built with their words through poetry and prose. 11 Spanish-language writers have won the Novel Prize in Literature, recognized for their literary works written in the Spanish language across Hispanic culture. Gabriel García […]

Recognizing the Imperative Work Conducted by Our Intelligence Analysts

By: Mitch Volkart, Vice President, Intelligence Solutions September 20th is recognized as National Crime and Intelligence Analyst Appreciation Day, but at GTL, we see the dedication that our intelligence analysts give to GTL and to our correctional facility customers every day. Created by the Florida Crime & Intelligence Analyst Association in April 2021, National Crime […]

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month – Those Who Made a Lasting Impact

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the U.S. Latinx and Hispanic communities, as well as their influence and contributions to our society. President Lyndon B. Johnson officially began National Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, and it was observed until 1988 when it was expanded to the current 31-day National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated from September 15–October […]

Taking Action for Our Customers

By: Deb Alderson, President & CEO It is hard to believe that so much of 2021 has already gone, but GTL has a lot of progress to show for it. Our commitment to expanding support to our family and friends customers, as well as incarcerated individuals and returning citizens, is as firm as ever, and […]

Partnership in Our Communities – Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce and Education Executive Committee

By: Jessica Artz, Executive Vice President Human Resources At GTL, we believe in corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. As an information technology company, we are using our tools to help transform the incarceration experience into a rehabilitative experience—one focused on second chances, job skills training, returning to the workforce, and reentering society. And […]

GTL Team Attends EDWINS’ “La Bastille” Fundraiser Event

On Saturday, July 17, GTL team members, Angela Paulini and Alberto Calo, showed support by attending La Bastille, EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute’s annual fundraising event. The whimsical Parisian-inspired summertime soiree celebrated the storming of the Bastille and the fight for equality with event proceeds benefiting EDWINS’ mission of reimagining re-entry. Upon arrival at the […]

GTL Team Tours Michigan’s First-of-its-Kind Vocational Villages

GTL’s mission includes investing in a better understanding of our impacts and identifying how our services have helped ease the transition for people returning to society. This means seeing and learning from reentry programs currently in place at facilities. GTL team members recently completed tours of two Michigan Department of Corrections’ Vocational Villages, located at Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility and Parnall Correctional Facility, to see their reentry programs in action. The Vocational Villages are a unique skilled trades […]

Creating a More Inclusive, Cohesive Work Environment – GTL Named a Top Woman-Led Workplace

GTL’s corporate culture has positively changed over the past several years, and nothing highlights that incredible shift more than the company’s recent recognitions. GTL can proudly announce that it has added another item to its resume as a recipient of the inaugural Top Workplaces Woman-Led Culture Excellence Award.  In January, GTL announced that it was awarded a 2021 Top Workplaces USA recognition from Energage as […]

Diversity & Inclusion at GTL

As a company whose team members and stakeholders encompass many diverse backgrounds, it is important for GTL to expand its efforts in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion. To be transparent in our efforts, GTL has held two Employee Town Halls—one in August 2020 and one in May 2021—to inform all team members of the […]

Celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

As we continue to emphasize the importance of Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging at GTL, we want to take the opportunity to recognize another group of people who have enriched America’s history and are instrumental in its future success. May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month – recognizing and celebrating the achievements of Asians and Pacific Islanders […]

Making the Most of a Second Chance – Christopher Washington’s Journey to GTL

By: Christopher Washington, Functional Analyst 2020 was a historic year, and thousands of people have taken to the streets to speak out on the issues that affect them the most, including criminal justice reform. The reason why I’m so passionate about criminal justice reform is because I’m a product of the system. In 2019, I was released from federal prison after serving nine years […]

GTL Celebrates Women’s History Month

In March, the immeasurable impact women have made on society is commemorated. From ladies who live out their dream job every day to admired celebrities to changemakers throughout the world, Women’s History Month gives us a chance to celebrate all women, especially the women at GTL! It all began with a single March day in […]

GTL Celebrates Black History Month, Continues Mission of Diversity & Inclusion

In 2020, GTL held a series of internal meetings to engage team members and discuss issues affecting both the company and its customers. These meetings stressed the importance of an inclusive environment for all GTL employees, including issues related to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. With February being Black History Month, GTL is taking the opportunity […]

Education for the Win – Pell Grants Reinstated for Prison Education Programs and Incarcerated Individuals

Education is one of the key differentiators that can lower the recidivism rate and increase the likelihood of successful reentry for incarcerated individuals and returning citizens. Recently, after 26 years, Congressional leaders passed a bill that reinstated Pell grants for prison education programs and incarcerated students who take part in them. “I am extremely pleased […]

Spreading Christmas Joy – GTL Sponsors Families through Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree Program

While a picture-perfect Christmas involves spending time with family, the unfortunate truth is that 1 in 28 children will celebrate the holiday season with one or both parents behind bars. Incarceration affects everyone—not just the person who is in the correctional facility. The Prison Fellowship works to see lives and communities transformed in and out […]

GTL Implements Town Hall Series to Engage Our Employees and Further Our Mission

GTL’s mission involves creating impactful connections, providing industry-leading service, and ensuring everyone has access to technology and education to improve their personal outcomes. In some of those areas, we have the capability to create success. In other areas, we need a little assistance. As a company, we recognize that we need partners that contribute to […]

Reentry Spotlight: EDWINS

As part of our continuing Reentry Spotlight series, GTL is proud to share this post authored by Brandon E. Chrostowski, Founder of EDWINS. GTL is working to help support and share EDWINS training with more returning citizens seeking a career in the food service industry. In addition, GTL is helping to fund a new playground […]

Jessica L. Artz has been Inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who Registry

Jessica L. Artz has been included in Marquis Who’s Who. As in all Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process. Ms. Artz is a human […]

Reentry Spotlight: The LOHM

Returning citizens have an open road ahead of them that is full of opportunity, and there are several organizations that can help steer the way like the Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM). As a previously incarcerated woman, founder and executive director of the LOHM, Topeka K. Sam leads the LOHM with its mission to help […]

GTL’s Coronavirus Response Concluding

Free calls, visits, and messages were provided during March, April, and May to keep families connected As COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work, GTL continues to work side-by-side with correctional facilities to address the burdens faced while operating during a pandemic. Beginning in March, GTL worked with our facility customers to provide […]

A Message from Our CEO

To our valued customers, I am writing today as we face a global pandemic, a troubled economy, and demonstrations in communities across the country. In difficult times like these, words are not enough. At GTL, we embrace people of all races, colors, and creeds. We are dedicated to making sure everyone has access to technology […]

COVID-19 Resources

Across the globe, correctional facilities and agencies are implementing practices to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in facilities and communities. Thank you for stepping up and taking these actions. Here are some resources that you might find helpful in tracking current COVID-19 cases, implementing new strategies for your facilities, cleaning GTL technology devices, […]

Honoring Those Who Serve During National Correctional Officers and Employees Week

By: Deb Alderson, Chief Executive Officer During this unprecedented time, correctional officers and employees need our support and deserve our gratitude more than ever. Day after day, they keep correctional facilities running smoothly, running efficiently, and running securely. National Correctional Officers and Employees Week (NCOEW) shines the spotlight on the professionalism, dedication, and courage showed […]

Continued Coronavirus Response Commitment

Continued commitment to providing free calls, visits, and messaging to help incarcerated individuals, and families and friends stay connected With the continued prevalence of COVID-19, GTL has remained committed to partnering with correctional facilities to provide assistance. We understand that the pandemic presents an especially difficult situation for facilities, their communities and staff, and incarcerated […]

GTL Coronavirus Response Update

Free calls, visits, messaging to help incarcerated individuals, family and friends stay connected As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to have a tremendous impact around the world, and correctional facilities face the challenges it presents on top of their 24/7 day-to-day operating concerns, GTL has been working closely with our facility customers to provide assistance. […]

19 Clases de Educación Esencial Ahora Disponibles en Español

Según la Agencia Federal de Prisiones… ·       Más del 30% de la población federal de presos son hispánicos ( ·       27% no tiene un Escuela Secundaria o equivalencia GED ( El español es el idioma no inglés más común en la prisión (citado por, y es importante que GTL brinde nuestros servicios educativos a […]

19 Essential Education Classes Now Available in Spanish

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons…  Over 30% of the federal inmate population are Hispanic   (  27% do not have a High School Diploma or GED equivalence  (  Spanish is the most common non-English language in prison (cited by, and it is important for GTL to provide our education services to as many people as possible.   GTL provides content for inmates regardless of skill or educational level — from Job […]

Changing the Way Correctional Facilities Approach Professional Staff Training

By: Dr. Turner Nashe, GTL Executive Vice President, Education Programs At the beginning of May, GTL announced that we would be providing current facility customers with free 15-day subscriptions to access a package of wellness courses that were added to our Learning Management System (LMS) in support of National Correctional Officers & Employees Week. With […]

The Importance of Education for Correctional Officers and Employees – How GTL Supports Our Customers

By: Matt Caesar, Executive Vice President, Customer Solutions & Information Systems Correctional officers and employees around the country are recognized each May during National Correctional Officers & Employees Week. Started by President Reagan in 1984, this week recognizes those who serve every day without fail to help keep our communities safer. As a corrections technology […]

Entering a New Age of Corrections

In the push to reduce the recidivism rate, correctional facilities are moving away from a traditional layout to one that is designed for inclusiveness and keeping inmates engaged with outside society. Studies have shown that maintaining a support structure is a key component to keeping inmates on the right path to successful reintegration into society […]

The Future of Corrections Education Technology; Tablets Over Textbooks

The Future of Corrections Education Technology; Tablets Over Textbooks By: Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr., Senior Vice President of Education Services at GTL June 18, 2018 RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) The last few decades have brought about a rapid progression of technology, and advancements are also taking place inside prisons. Many correctional facilities have introduced […]

Creating Better Opportunities by Investing in Inmate Education

Creating Better Opportunities by Investing in Inmate Education By: Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr., Senior Vice President of Education Services at GTL May 16, 2018 RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) It is well-known that the U.S. has high incarceration rates compared to other nations. But what is lesser-known is just how high the recidivism rate is […]

Providing Gaming Options in Facilities Increases Security & Rehabilitation

Providing Gaming Options in Facilities Increases Security and Rehabilitation March 5, 2018 As a leading innovator of corrections technology, GTL has long understood the importance of offering a wide range of technology and education products. To this end, one of the innovations GTL has developed for inmate tablets is a range of video games. GTL’s […]

Video Visitation Helps Facilities Avoid Flu Outbreak

Video Visitation Helps Facilities Avoid Flu Outbreak March 1, 2018 The 2017-18 flu season has been a particularly bad one. It has caused schools to recess in at least 12 states, leading to an obvious disruption in routine. The disruption has also spread to other institutions. Some prisons have been shutting down in-person visitation for […]

GTL Data IQ: A Unique Security Aid

GTL Data IQ: A Unique Security Aid Mitch Volkart, GTL Senior Product Manager February 15, 2018 From Sir Author Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes on the page to Adrian Monk on the small screen to Making a Murderer on your streaming device, for centuries the public has been fascinated by detective stories. Recently, technology has made […]

GTL and Telmate Provide One Powerful Upgrade for Community Corrections

GTL and Telmate Provide One Powerful Upgrade for Community Corrections Chuck Geveden, Telmate Strategic Account Executive February 12, 2018 RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) GTL – both directly and via our wholly-owned subsidiaries Telmate and TouchPay – provides value to our customers through parole and community corrections solutions that help reduce recidivism and streamlines the […]

The Mission Behind GTL’s Request2Call™ Feature

Connecting Inmates and Friends and Family Members More Frequently: The Mission Behind GTL’s Request2Call™ Feature January 17, 2018 Multiple studies have shown that family communication can reduce recidivism. A 1972 study titled “Explorations in Inmate-Family Relationships” showed a consistent positive relationship between parole success and strong family ties while the parolee was in prison. A […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Kelly Lindman, Director of Product Management, Customer Channels at GTL. January 10, 2018 As a parent, I know there is nothing better than waking up and seeing your children’s smiling faces. Unfortunately, inmates are not able to experience this joy. But with GTL’s Messaging application, it is now […]

12 Months of Progress: Leadership and Evolution

12 Months of Progress: Leadership and Evolution Matt Caesar, Executive Vice President – Product & Technology, GTL January 8, 2018 RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) The last 12 months have been particularly significant for the GTL team. As the needs of our industry changed, we spared no effort to remain the technology leader in everything […]

How Far We’ve Come: 2017 A Year of Innovation

How Far We’ve Come: 2017 A Year of Innovation January 3, 2018 At the end of 2016, our CEO Brian Oliver said he was “excited about the expertise that we have brought on board and look forward to the products, technology, and services GTL will bring to our current and new customers in 2017 with […]

GTL Receives ASTORS Homeland Security Awards for Corrections Technology Solutions

GTL Receives ASTORS Awards for Corrections Technology Solutions December 20, 2017 (PR Newswire) Reston, Va. – GTL, a leader in corrections technology and inmate communications, recently received two ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards. Providing services to over 2 million inmates in more than 2,500 correctional facilities, it is critical for GTL to maintain the highest technology […]

Home for Christmas with Video Visitation

Being Home for Christmas Via Video Visitation By: Brian Deuster, Product Manager, Video Initiatives, GTL December 18, 2017 Family ties and visits are critical for helping inmates readjust to community life after leaving prison, as evidenced by individual accounts and studies such as one from the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The holidays—a time when distance […]

New Features on Inmate Call Manager – Communicating Changes to Customers

New Features on Inmate Call Manager – Communicating Changes to Customers By: Eric Gonzalez, Executive Director, Inmate Telephones/Intel Tools/Training November 30, 2017 RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) Behind every great Inmate Telephone System (ITS) is great software that turns inmate call data into searchable, sortable, and actionable intelligence for correctional facility staff. Inmate Call Manager […]

We Must Help Each Other Find Humanity

We Must Help Each Other Find Humanity November 22, 2017 Being incarcerated is challenging, but it can be acutely challenging during the holiday season. The holidays are about being with loved ones. But for inmates and their loved ones who are apart, it takes a lot to get a feel for the holiday season. Every […]

Keeping Calm and Carrying On: How Making Choices and Listening to Music Can Improve Inmate Behavior

Keeping Calm and Carrying On: How Making Choices and Listening to Music Can Improve Inmate Behavior By: Brian Peters, Vice President – Facility Product Management November 8, 2017 (PR Newswire) Studies have shown that inmates who engage in meaningful activities that keep their minds occupied while incarcerated have fewer violent incidents and better mental health […]

What’s in Your Newsfeed?

What’s in Your Newsfeed? By: Brian Peters, Vice President – Facility Product Management November 1, 2017 GTL understands the importance of digital literacy in reducing recidivism. That’s why our tablets give inmates the chance to read, listen to music, access legal resources, and connect with their families. But we want to do even more. That’s […]

GTL helps connect customers in South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Irma by providing free phone calls

September 9, 2017 Inmates in areas affected by Hurricane Irma will be provided free five-minute calls through September 12. This will help those incarcerated in potentially impacted states and territories – and their loved ones to connect with each other in the wake of this devastating storm. To learn more, please visit GTL’s ConnectNetwork: […]

GTL helps connect customers in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey by providing free phone calls through the Labor Day holiday.

GTL helps connect customers in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey by providing free phone calls through the Labor Day holiday. September 2, 2017 GTL will provide free five-minute calls to inmates at the Galveston, Gonzales, Jefferson, Karnes, Montgomery, Orange and Rusk county correctional facilities through September 4. This will help those incarcerated in areas affected […]

GTL’s Education Solutions Can Break the Cycle of Recidivism

By: Dr. Turner Nashe, Senior Vice President, Education Services, GTL PRNewsWire – The United States incarcerates more people per capita than any other country in the world. Over 7.6 million people in America are currently incarcerated, on probation, or out on parole. And while 650,000 inmates are released every year, a National Institute of Justice […]

Detecting and Eradicating Contraband Cell Phones is a Matter of Public Safety

Detecting and Eradicating Contraband Cell Phones is a Matter of Public Safety Jeffrey B. Haidinger, President & Chief Operating Officer, GTL PRNewsWire – In 2010, former Corrections Captain Robert Johnson was shot six times in an attempted contract killing orchestrated via a contraband cell phone. He survived the ordeal and recently wrote about the dangers […]

GTL Takes Data Security Seriously to Keep Our Customers Safe

Jason Marass, Information Security Director, GTL PRNewsWire – In an ever-evolving and rapidly changing digital world, more of our private information is available for hackers to access and manipulate. The failure of companies to secure data across all levels of an organization has led to several high-profile data breaches that jeopardized trade secrets, confidential employee […]

GTL: Technology in Motion Tour Makes an Impact at the Annual Mock Prison Riot

GTL: Technology in Motion Tour Makes an Impact at the Annual Mock Prison Riot Vinnie M. Mascarenhas, Communications Manager, GTL PRNewsWire -Since 1997, a decommissioned penitentiary in Wheeling, West Virginia, has played host to a unique international event for the corrections community called the “Mock Prison Riot.” Scenario drills in the penitentiary’s yard, prison cells, […]

GTL Invests in Education

At GTL, we understand why people are hesitant to invest in education for inmates. People often ask, “Why should I pay for prisoners to get a college education, while I’m living paycheck-to-paycheck?” Our response is that educating our inmates saves taxpayer money that would be otherwise spent on the costs of incarcerating inmates. It’s an […]

GTL: The Launch of Technology in Motion

Kirk Vespestad, Director of Marketing, GTL PRNewsWire – I am very fortunate to work at a company that invests in cutting-edge technology and attracts and retains industry professionals with the ability to leverage such technology for the benefit of its customers. As the leader in technology for corrections, government payment services, and now education, GTL […]

Correctional Facilities Present Unique Environmental Challenges – GTL’s Technology is The Solution

GTL Inspire® inmate tablets are secure communication devices built to meet the rigors of a corrections environment Matt Ford, Product Manager, Mobility Platforms, GTL PRNewsWire – GTL believes in the philosophy that keeping inmates connected to their friends and family members is vital to reducing recidivism rates. Now more than ever, we are seeing correctional […]

Flex Link Receives Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Component Recognition

By: Scott Hoostal – Associate Product Manager, GTL GTL’s touchscreen-based multi-service unit, known as the Flex Link, has officially become Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Component Certified. GTL’s Flex Link allows correctional facilities to deliver a diverse set of services to inmates, such as video visitation, inmate messaging and requests, phone calls, and commissary ordering. Delivering such […]

GTL Video Visitation Technology Provides Friends and Family Increased Frequency of Contact with Incarcerated Loved Ones

By: Brian Deuster, Product Manager, Video Initiatives, GTL   Reston, Virginia – March 6, 2017 – PRNewsWire –  GTL Video Visitation technology has spread rapidly across the corrections industry in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With secure on premise and remote visitation service, GTL Video Visitation technology offers facilities a great deal […]

GTL and Dynamic Imaging Remain on the Forefront of Technology

By: John Lowry, Senior Product Manager, Product Management, GTL Reston, Virginia – February 28, 2017 – PRNewswire – Dynamic Imaging has been a GTL partner for over seven years. This close relationship has allowed us to introduce new and constantly evolving technologies. In the last two years, GTL and Dynamic Imaging have integrated our software […]

New Kiosks Streamline Child Support Payments

By Vinnie Mascarenhas, Communications Manager, Marketing – For the first time, non-custodial parents in Virginia have a new option for paying child support thanks to a unique partnership between TouchPay, a subsidiary of GTL and the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). This first-of-its kind arrangement in Virginia offers parents three convenient methods to […]

The Global Tel*Link Data Center Gets a Facelift

By Garth Johnson, Senior Vice President, Operations, GTL At Global Tel*Link, we constantly strive to improve our hardware and software to provide the highest quality service possible. This includes supplying patches and software updates through our existing wired systems and replacing hardware to keep pace with advances in technology. We also ensure that all of […]

Internet Video Visitation Offers Ideal Complement to Face-to-Face Visitation

For families and correctional facilities alike, internet video visitation is a welcome supplement to traditional methods of visitation in our nation’s correctional facilities by Brian Deuster – Product Manager – Video Initiatives Internet video visitation has expanded rapidly through U.S. correctional facilities as a complement to traditional methods of visitation. Products like Skype™ and FaceTime™, […]

After patent victory filled 2015, GTL looking towards bright patent future

by Steve Hodge – Senior VP – Research and Development In 2015, Global Tel*Link (GTL) experienced unparalleled success against industry rival Securus Technologies in front of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Utilizing a relatively new patent review system established under the America Invents Act (AIA), GTL successfully challenged six out of seven Securus […]

Legislation Would Have Authorized Automated Payment Services in New Jersey

by Kay Byfield – Marketing Manager Last month, one of our account executives in the Mid-Atlantic region, asked me to write a newsletter article to submit to the New Jersey Association of Counties (NJAC) publication, County Biz. In anticipation of pending legislation, my colleague wanted to build awareness in the state about TouchPay/GTL Financial Services […]

Kiosks Paying Off for Detroit’s Largest Court

GTL’s payment kiosks help free up staff and increase revenue for Michigan’s 36th District Court by Ron Meadows – Payment Services Product Manager In March 2014, GTL installed four payment kiosks in Michigan’s 36th District Court. Originally, these kiosks could only process payments for civil infractions, but their successful deployment has led to an expansion […]