Continued Coronavirus Response Commitment

Continued commitment to providing free calls, visits, and messaging to help incarcerated individuals, and families and friends stay connected

With the continued prevalence of COVID-19, GTL has remained committed to partnering with correctional facilities to provide assistance. We understand that the pandemic presents an especially difficult situation for facilities, their communities and staff, and incarcerated individuals and their families and friends.

Since March, we have worked with our facility partners to provide free calls and other services to help incarcerated individuals stay connected to their loved ones. We have worked with over 400 correctional facilities to implement a GTL-assisted COVID-19 communications response plan.

Since beginning this program in March, we have:

  • Provided over 14 million free calls through April;
  • Provided over 5 million minutes of free video visitation through April; and
  • Committed to providing over 2 million free messages through April.

We are grateful for the positive feedback on this program, and proud to partner with our customers to help provide moments of connection for those able to use these free services. This program will continue into May, and we are monitoring and will continue to monitor the situation and the needs of all our customers daily.

Please see our COVID-19 Resources List if you need additional guidance.