Intelligence as a Service

GTL’s Intelligence as a Service deploys trained analysts that are equipped with the tools to efficiently and effectively develop both proactive and reactive actionable intelligence. Analysts have proven invaluable to ensuring safety and security by helping identify offenders, civilians, and staff engaging in criminal and security-threatening activities. It is designed to meet the specialized intelligence and forensic needs of facilities and act as a force multiplier to facilities facing staff shortages.

GTL Fusion Services

We help correctional facilities prevent crimes before they occur and solve them after they happen through a combination of people, technology, and data. Our intelligence analysts (people) use our data mining tools (technology) to provide actionable intelligence from a myriad of sources (data), including, but not limited to, phone records, financial transactions, jail management system data, and visitation information. Intelligence analysts can be deployed on-site or work remotely from our National Intelligence Center (NIC). We offer a range of options to find the optimal fit for any correctional facility or law enforcement agency.

Mobile Device Forensics

Operating at our National Computer Forensics Lab (NCFL), GTL’s certified mobile forensic examiners combine cutting-edge technology with industry best practices to perform logical and physical data extractions from legally seized computer and cellular devices. Cellular extraction techniques range from basic third-party extraction software to more advanced techniques such as JTAG and chip-off. The application of industry-proven algorithms to the extracted data for data analysis leads to the development of reliable, actionable intelligence.

VIDEO: Introduction to GTL Fusion Services

Click here to access a three-minute video providing an informative overview of how we combine people, technology, and data to help produce actionable intelligence.