GTL Takes Data Security Seriously to Keep Our Customers Safe

Jason Marass, Information Security Director, GTL

PRNewsWire – In an ever-evolving and rapidly changing digital world, more of our private information is available for hackers to access and manipulate. The failure of companies to secure data across all levels of an organization has led to several high-profile data breaches that jeopardized trade secrets, confidential employee information, and customer data. Those kinds of breaches demonstrate an unacceptable break in trust between consumer and company.

What makes these data breaches even more frightening is the rate at which they are occurring and the ease with which they can happen. Even the most tech-savvy corporations and institutions can find themselves a target of a cyberattack, sparking a public relations nightmare and a struggle to regain consumer confidence in their brand.

We understand that reality, which is why one of the cornerstones to being an industry leader in the corrections market is taking customers’ data security seriously. Too often, companies have fallen victim to cyberattacks and data breaches, exposing confidential information for the world to access. In correctional facilities, cracks in the security infrastructure surrounding attorney–client calls can allow murderers, rapists, and hardened, violent criminals to be back on the street.

At GTL, we are working day and night to ensure that the confidential calls made using our systems are secure. Collaborating with our partners across the country, we are proud to have the most cutting-edge security systems in the corrections industry. We’re investing the time and resources towards advancing and modernizing our systems and constantly preparing ourselves against the next inevitable cyberattack.

No company is completely safe from cyberthreats. At GTL, however, we are constantly looking towards the future, working to make sure we are prepared, and providing our customers with the most up-to-date technology and cyberinfrastructure.

Press Contact: Vinnie Mascarenhas
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