GTL and Telmate Provide One Powerful Upgrade for Community Corrections

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GTL and Telmate Provide One Powerful Upgrade for Community Corrections
Chuck Geveden, Telmate Strategic Account Executive

February 12, 2018

RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) GTL – both directly and via our wholly-owned subsidiaries Telmate and TouchPay – provides value to our customers through parole and community corrections solutions that help reduce recidivism and streamlines the post-release process. The effect of these combined powers is seen in one of our newer products: Guardian.

Guardian is an innovative offender monitoring solution used by local, state, and private probation, parole, and community corrections professionals to supervise low to mid-risk offenders in place of a traditional ankle monitor and check-in. This low-cost, smartphone-based, GPS monitoring solution requires no new hardware for case managers, or for enrollees, who only need their smartphone, and includes innovative face recognition and voice detection/confirmation technology. Guardian also offers inclusion/exclusion zones, event reminder text messages, and live video chats between case managers and participants. Guardian gives agencies the confidence that they are utilizing the most innovative, effective, and secure smartphone monitoring solution on the market.

With more inmates going back into mainstream society, agencies need effective tools to help with rehabilitation and reintegration. Guardian is one of these tools. Guardian not only helps case managers do more with less, it also provides clients a less intrusive and familiar mobile app solution that supports increased participation while raising personal confidence. Guardian aids in re-entry by fostering enrollee freedom, trust, and independence, making the participant feel like they are contributing members of society. Guardian is simple for case managers and enrollees to use and gives unmatched customization, control, and reporting.

In January 2018 GTL improved our solution with the release of Guardian Confirm, a new self-reporting feature that is part of the Guardian offender monitoring platform. The smartphone-based questionnaire helps case managers save time and gain caseload-monitoring flexibility.

With Confirm, case managers do not have to make phone calls or conduct in-person visits to gather information. Low-risk offenders simply check in from their smartphone and answer routine questions about daily and life-changing events.

Confirm asks questions such as:
• Has your home address changed since your last check in?
• Have you had any contact with law enforcement?
• Are you still working for the same employer as did when you last checked in?

Some of the benefits of using Guardian Confirm are:
• Ability to customize questions
• Use as a standalone product or as part of the Guardian solution
• Daily email confirming self-reporting compliance
• Alerts for all questionnaire exceptions

GTL is reinventing what’s possible in corrections. We offer best-of-breed technology and proven solutions in all categories to a broader set of customers. Our vision is to support facility needs with more scale and efficiency, improve inmate communications, offer structured access to education, and reduce recidivism rates.

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