Diversity & Inclusion at GTL

As a company whose team members and stakeholders encompass many diverse backgrounds, it is important for GTL to expand its efforts in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion.

To be transparent in our efforts, GTL has held two Employee Town Halls—one in August 2020 and one in May 2021—to inform all team members of the initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of GTL’s mission and values. They allow us to be a better team, make better decisions, enhance innovations, and make a difference in the communities we serve. Becoming a more diverse and inclusive company is the right thing for GTL, but it also offers business benefits such as employee retainment, business success, and a more cohesive workplace environment.

Over the next three years, GTL has set five Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Goals. These goals focus on increasing:

  • Workforce Diversity
  • Workplace Inclusion
  • Second Chance Hiring
  • Organizational Commitment
  • Sustainability

GTL has also created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are multicultural and multigenerational teams focused on business outreach, professional development, and recruitment. These groups are:

  • Women at GTL
  • Hispanic/LatinX
  • African American Leadership Forum
  • Military/Veteran
  • Asian Pacific Professional Network

As part of these strategic goals and initiatives, GTL will work to increase the percentage of women and ethnically diverse team members throughout GTL, women and ethnically diverse management team members, and team members from military backgrounds.

There are two major players in diversity and inclusion: GTL as a company and GTL team members. GTL corporate policy facilitates diversity, but inclusion is facilitated through our people and their personal interactions.

We will continue to exercise transparency as we expand our efforts to further diversity, inclusion, and belonging at GTL.