Creating a More Inclusive, Cohesive Work Environment – GTL Named a Top Woman-Led Workplace

GTL’s corporate culture has positively changed over the past several years, and nothing highlights that incredible shift more than the company’s recent recognitions. GTL can proudly announce that it has added another item to its resume as a recipient of the inaugural Top Workplaces Woman-Led Culture Excellence Award. 

In January, GTL announced that it was awarded a 2021 Top Workplaces USA recognition from Energage as well as a Top Workplaces in the Technology Industry Award. These awards, based solely on employee feedback, highlight GTL’s commitment to its employees as well as the dedication of its amazing team members.  

Deb Alderson, GTL President & CEO, has served as a catalyst for change in the corrections industry and the overall culture of GTL since she joined the company in 2018. This award is proof that GTL is making the bold moves required to provide value to its employees, customers, family and friends, and the community. 

GTL is honored to be recognized as a woman-led organization that believes in the power of putting people first. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion includes a focus on gender inclusion. More diverse and inclusive teams offer benefits to all, including employee retainment, business success, and a more cohesive workplace environment.