Kiosks Paying Off for Detroit’s Largest Court

GTL’s payment kiosks help free up staff and increase revenue for Michigan’s 36th District Court
by Ron Meadows – Payment Services Product Manager

In March 2014, GTL installed four payment kiosks in Michigan’s 36th District Court. Originally, these kiosks could only process payments for civil infractions, but their successful deployment has led to an expansion of service to include payments for payable misdemeanors. The kiosks have helped to ease congestion and shorten lines in one of Michigan’s busiest courts, saving all customers time and frustration, as well as easing the burden on court staff.

“Time saved by some citizens being able to pay immediately is a big benefit for us, and it’s a big benefit for all of our customers,” said the Hon. Nancy M. Blount, Chief Judge of the Michigan 36th District Court “People don’t have to wait. That’s the biggest benefit for the court and for the litigants.”

Employing 31 judges and four magistrates, the State of Michigan’s 36th District Court in Detroit is the state’s largest court. Most courts assess fees for traffic tickets, bonds, probation fees, and other court-related payments – in fact, in 2013 alone, the 36th District Court handled over 500,000 cases and collected fines totaling over $30 million.

GTL’s kiosk system, implemented by the 36th District Court to handle this significant traffic, has been tailored to the court’s needs, ensuring that minimal effort is necessary on the court’s part to keep these payment terminals running smoothly.

“GTL does the heavy lifting to ensure that the court can focus on other important tasks,” said John Baker, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and Payment Channels at GTL. “The integration between GTL and the court is seamless. We manage the back office functions of the kiosks, cash pickups, daily reconciliations and the other functions necessary for freeing up court staff.”

Given the success of the program thus far, Michigan’s 36th District Court is potentially looking to expand the role the GTL payment kiosk solutions take within the court. Likely next steps include expanding the types of fines and payments the kiosks are able to process beyond civil infractions and payable misdemeanors, as well as expanding the types of payment options to automated telephone and online payments.

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