GTL and Dynamic Imaging Remain on the Forefront of Technology

By: John Lowry, Senior Product Manager, Product Management, GTL

Reston, Virginia – February 28, 2017PRNewswireDynamic Imaging has been a GTL partner for over seven years. This close relationship has allowed us to introduce new and constantly evolving technologies. In the last two years, GTL and Dynamic Imaging have integrated our software products to offer seamless technologies to GTL customers.

One exciting joint technology offering has allowed correctional officers to have offender management functionality at the tips of their fingers. Dynamic Imaging’s CorreTrak suite of handheld applications extends GTL’s Offender Management System (OMS) functionality away from just fixed workstations to devices in the hands of staff, enabling them to be mobile yet still have the information they need in hand. Staff can record security rounds, complete cell checks, log inmate deliveries, perform facility counts, and more through Wi-Fi-enabled handheld iOS devices that automatically synchronize with GTL’s OMS in real time.

GTL decided to partner with Dynamic Imaging because of their industry leadership in the fields of digital technology, facial recognition, and positive identification via fingerprints, as well as the fact they have spent over two decades working in corrections. The Dynamic Imaging technology for cataloging mug shot images, photos of recognizable marks (scars, birthmarks, and tattoos), and photos of inmate possessions at time of arrest (i.e. a necklace, bracelet, or wristwatch) is proven to be robust. These solutions, along with their positive identification technologies that include facial recognition and fingerprint verification have demonstrated that GTL chose the best partner.

Facial Recognition and Positive ID permit corrections officials to positively identify inmates. Facial recognition algorithms analyze the inmate’s face (shape, contours, etc.) and create a unique template of the face to produce a score or measurement. Scores are stored in a repository and then matched against newly processed inmates and suspects to help assist with positive identification. A similar concept is used to calculate minutia points from fingerprints. With facial recognition, law enforcement can also run an inmate’s photo through a photo repository and view any prior information, such as previous arrest records and additional key information. Before this technology was available, photo lineups and photo albums were the only methods officers had to identify someone. Now, this process is completely electronic through PictureLink, which offers the most comprehensive Mugshot Imaging System in the industry.

GTL will continue to work with the best in the industry to provide our customers with the latest in recognition software technology as it continues to feed into our cornerstone offering—GTL Offender Management System (OMS) software. To learn more about GTL’s OMS or to schedule a demonstration, visit or contact GTL today.

Press Contact: Vinnie Mascarenhas
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