Partnership with Davidson County Sheriff Leads to Lowest Inmate Phone Call Rates in the State

By: Vinnie Mascarenhas

On July 11, 2016, Davidson County (TN) Sheriff Daron Hall announced the culmination of negotiations with Global Tel*Link (GTL), implementing some of the lowest inmate phone call rates in the nation and the lowest in the state for inmates in Davidson County correctional facilities.

Sheriff Daron Hall has long maintained his commitment to lower inmate calling rates, stating that decreasing the financial burden on inmates and their families is paramount to ensuring inmates receive family support which has been shown as a key factor in reducing recidivism rates.

Research agrees with the Davidson County Sheriff, repeatedly demonstrating increased communication with loved ones helps to maintain community ties that are crucial to reducing the probability of recidivism.

In a press release announcing the new calling rates, Sheriff Hall applauded his county’s partnership with GTL, stating “[t]he phone service provider, Global Tel*Link (GTL), has proven to be a fantastic partner by ensuring we receive the service needed and, at the same time, get a contract in place that accomplishes the goal of assisting inmate families”.

In addition, inmate advocates applauded the Sheriff for his leadership in lowering calling rates and the county’s choice to divert from a commission-based model to ensure inmates can easily communicate with their friends and family members.

This recent announcement further demonstrates GTL’s commitment towards reducing recidivism by allowing inmates to maintain a connection with their support systems, such as friends and family members, while serving out their sentences. GTL is proud of being associated with the efforts of our partners in the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and is committed to providing similar service and industry leading technology for correctional facilities of all sizes across the United States.