Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – Explore Latinx and Hispanic Museums Across the U.S.

Hispanic and Latinx art and culture are unique and deserving of recognition. Many museums have collections celebrating artists and their work, including the Smithsonian and Museum of Modern Art. However, there are many museums dedicated exclusively to recognizing Latinx and Hispanic history and culture.

  • Museum of Latin American Art – The museum educates the public through the collection, preservation, presentation, and interpretation of modern and contemporary Latin American art. The museum itself is also a work of art, designed by Mexican architect Manuel Rosen. Located in Long Beach, CA, MOLAA opened in 1996.
  • National Museum of Mexican Art – Housing the largest Mexican art collection in the country, the institution showcases 3,000 years of Mexican, Latino, and Chicano art and culture. Highlighting Mexican artists from both Mexico and the United States, it educates visitors on the diversity of Mexican culture. Located in Chicago, IL, the museum was originally founded with $900.
  • El Museo de Barrio – New York City’s only museum dedicated exclusively to Latin American and Latino art, the museum presents and preserves the art and culture of Puerto Ricans and all Latin Americans in the United States. With bold art and bilingual programming, it offers a great introduction to Latinx art and culture.
  • El Museo Latino – The Midwest’s premier resource and center for Latino Studies, El Museo Latino not only curates exhibitions around Hispanic and Latinx culture, it also develops educational programs that include lectures, films, art classes, workshops, gallery talks, and dance classes. Located in Omaha, visitors are truly immersed in the experience.