Partnership in Our Communities – Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce and Education Executive Committee

By: Jessica Artz, Executive Vice President Human Resources

At GTL, we believe in corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. As an information technology company, we are using our tools to help transform the incarceration experience into a rehabilitative experience—one focused on second chances, job skills training, returning to the workforce, and reentering society. And GTL also strives to make a difference in our communities.

I was recently asked to join the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce and Education Executive Committee. The committee focuses on four areas: strengthening Virginia’s education and workforce programs, implementing system improvements across the pipeline, promoting equality of opportunity, and building Virginia’s workforce strategy. The Committee seeks to set up Virginia as the top state for talent by building partnerships, enhancing opportunities, and working together to inform policy change. This is also done by ensuring that both students and teachers have what they need to flourish in the modern workspace.

Virginia has approximately 60,000 incarcerated individuals in its correctional facilities with 11,000 being released each year to return to society. The Committee’s goals are similar to what we at GTL are trying to accomplish with our Reentry Services—providing individuals with the tools to make the most of their second chance. By offering programs within correctional facilities for incarcerated individuals and resources in the community for returning citizens, we seek to increase successful outcomes.

Joining this committee is a way to expand the reach of GTL’s existing efforts and to help position all Virginia residents for contributions to the workforce.