GTL’s Coronavirus Response Concluding

Free calls, visits, and messages were provided during March, April, and May to keep families connected

As COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work, GTL continues to work side-by-side with correctional facilities to address the burdens faced while operating during a pandemic.

Beginning in March, GTL worked with our facility customers to provide free methods of communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. This included free phone calls, video visits, and electronic messages that allowed family members to stay in touch during this period of uncertainty. Over 400 correctional facilities implemented a GTL-assisted COVID-19 communications response plan.

Since the initiation of this program, GTL has:

  • Provided over 22 million free calls
  • Provided over 6 million minutes of free video visitation
  • Provided over 2.5 million free messages

Communication is at the heart of GTL’s business, and we strive to bring people together even when faced by the separation that comes with incarceration. We are proud of our partners and what we were able to achieve during this time—an incredible amount of meaningful connections.

GTL will continue to monitor the program and remains committed to working with our customers to get through this together.

Please see our COVID-19 Resources List if you need additional guidance.