Colorado Prisoners Getting “Free” Electronic Tablets — With a Catch

Westword – February 15, 2017

The technology available to state prisoners in Colorado is about to take a leap into the 21st century. And not everybody is happy about it. Continue Reading

WNY jail uses video visitation software – Mayville – January 24, 2017

Durham, NC — Mayville, N.Y. — Families of inmates at the Chautauqua County Jail can now visit with their loved ones without leaving home. If you’ve used Skype or FaceTime, this is very similar. The Chautauqua County Jail started using the video visitation software this fall. Continue Reading

Durham jail ponders move to video visitation for inmates

The Herald Sun – Durham – January 7, 2017

Durham, NC — The cost is estimated to be about $90,000, Gibbs said, but that will be covered by a federal grant and a technology stipend from GTL, the jail’s telephone service provider. She added that there may eventually be a local financial impact if costs exceed what those funds allow. Continue Reading


KFSN-TV – Fresno – December 20, 2016

TULARE COUNTY (KFSN) — A South Valley sheriff’s office is starting to spread the word about major changes coming to their correctional facilities.

Those who enter Tulare County’s main jail won’t be looking through its windows for much longer, as the sheriff’s office changes the way inmates communicate and visit with their family members. Continue Reading

Security technology giants battle over patent claims

SE Texas Record – December 19, 2016

DALLAS: The Patent Trial and Appeal Board announced on Dec. 2 that it would uphold a patent filed by Securus Technologies, and that the challenge filed by rival company Global Tel*Link (GTL) was invalid. GTL maintains, however, that Securus only won a partial victory. Continue Reading

California tries again to thwart prison cellphone smuggling

Associated Press – December 19, 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California is installing nearly 1,000 sophisticated metal detectors, scanners and secret security cameras at its prisons in its latest attempt to thwart the smuggling of cellphones, thousands of which continue to flood the prisons despite previous efforts. Continue Reading

Fed Circ Upholds GTL Challenge of Securus Patent Claims

American Security Today – December 17, 2016

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld the decision of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) to invalidate two patents at the core of Securus Technologies, Inc.’s patent portfolio, including its “crown jewel” patent related to the provisioning of correctional communications using VoIP technology. Continue Reading

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office launches online tool to schedule inmate visits

Good Day Sacramento – December 8, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office on Thursday announced a new online tool for friends and family members to schedule visits of jail inmates. Continue Reading

Howard County Jail video visitation up and running

Kokomo Tribune – December 7, 2016

KOKOMO – The first week of Howard County Jail’s new video and online visitation program was a smooth one, marked only with minor hiccups, said jail officials.

The new visitation system is a departure from the previous in-person visits from friends and loved ones to inmates, and has a number of benefits, said Howard County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Justin Christmas. Continue Reading

Mecklenburg Inmate Visitation Goes Digital

Time Warner News – October 17, 2016

CHARLOTTE – Visitation for inmates at the Mecklenburg County Jail is going digital.

The sheriff’s office launched a new video conference service that enables families to talk to people behind bars from their computers. Continue Reading

GTL Sacramento Office Participates in Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Good Day Sacramento – October 16, 2016

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Interview Watch the Interview

Going Digital from behind bars, with an iPad

Arizona Sonora News – September 21, 2016

Beginning in June 2016 nearly all 2,000 Pima County Jail inmates became officially “logged in” after receiving their own tablet devices.

Yes, tablets. As in personal computer tablets. The idea was originally suggested to decrease paper costs, reduce contraband through mail, and lessen repeat offenses. Continue Reading

How Technology Is Changing Deaf Inmates’ Ability to Connect With the Outside World

Morning Consult – September 19, 2016

Imagine being cut off from the world, having no communication, even with your family, perhaps for years. You can’t talk to anyone, share a joke or inquire about loved ones. If you get sick, if you need help, there’s no way to let anyone know.

You’re isolated. But then one day, somebody hands you a lifeline. This is what’s happening for thousands of deaf inmates across the country. Continue Reading

How Chautauqua County Jail’s New Video Visitation System Helps Inmates and Deputies

Time Warner Cable News – Spectrum News – August 17, 2016

The Chautauqua County Jail in Mayville has launched a new video visitation phone system. Sheriff Joe Gerace says he needed to expand the number of visiting hours per week for inmates to help meet state requirements. Continue Reading

Video Visitation Coming to Howard County Jail – Technology will allow more visitors and improve convenience

Kokomo Herald – August 4, 2016

For years families visiting inmates at the Howard County Criminal Justice Center have had to deal with long lines, short visits, and occasionally a missed visit due to visiting hours ending before they were able to see their loved ones. Continue Reading

Pima County Jail inmates getting personal tablets

Tucson News NOW – June 2, 2016

Close to 2,000 Pima County Jail inmates will each have a personal tablet by the end of this month.

After a six-month trial, the jail handed out the first tablets Thursday to inmates to use while they are there.Continue Reading

Global Tel*Link’s Inmate Calling Patent Survives AIA Review

Law 360 – April 11, 2016

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has held that Securus Technologies fell short of proving allegations that Global Tel*Link’s inmate calling system patent was obvious, upholding the patent and clearing the way for the patent owner to proceed with infringement litigation against Securus in a Texas federal court. Continue Reading

Inmate Communication Device (ICD) promotes positive behavior proving to be a potent inmate management tool

LinkedIn – March 4, 2016

GTL’s Inmate Communication Device (ICD)

ICD’s addresses a broad range of technology services for our inmate population. The ICD is a tablet and handset with the capability to provide, inmate calling, electronic messaging, grievance filing, commissary ordering, and other similar tasks. Continue Reading

Media Coverage

GTL Inspire® inmate tablets are secure communication devices built to meet the rigors of a corrections environment
Matt Ford, Product Manager, Mobility Platforms, GTL

PRNewsWireGTL believes in the philosophy that keeping inmates connected to their friends and family members is vital to reducing recidivism rates. Now more than ever, we are seeing correctional facilities around the country making a shift in their overall approach towards inmates by introducing GTL’s Inspire® inmate tablets.

The Inspire inmate tablet is the industry-leading inmate communication device in the corrections market, which inmates use to sustain their vital outside personal connections. Introducing Inspire tablets into a corrections environment is proving to have a positive effect on inmates and friends and family members.

Inspire inmate tablets are also delivering increased efficiencies for facilities and their corrections staff. Simultaneously, these inmate tablets are enabling inmates to communicate more frequently with their friends and family. The tablets can also be used as an effective education and entertainment device.

Recent news coverage in Davidson County, Tennessee discusses their experience with the introduction of GTL’s Inspire tablets. In addition to offering services to the inmates that enable them to engage with facility staff, in some cases, our Inspire tablets are operating as an inmate behavioral control mechanism for correctional officers and serving as a powerful incentive inside facilities. Our customers are seeing inmates with access to Inspire tablets improving their behavior in order to have the option and privilege of using the tablet for various purposes such as listening to music, playing games, reading an eBook, or completing coursework offered through our large library of educational content.

This range of options on the Inspire inmate tablet is made possible by the inmates paying for the services they want. Therefore, in almost every instance, these tablets come at no cost to taxpayers. GTL is working with our customers to provide a key public service of rehabilitation that is producing positive results. Facilities providing simple access for inmates to a secure Inspire tablet are showing potential and increasing the likelihood that once released, those inmates will not repeat offend. This is a huge benefit for taxpayers, the surrounding communities overall public safety, and the former inmate and their loved ones. It only makes sense this is where our industry is headed technologically.

However, the corrections environment is a challenging place for any product—and tablets are no different. Every day, there’s a possibility a tablet could be dropped, bumped, or shaken. Therefore, the technology GTL is providing to our customers must be rugged enough to endure the rigors of a corrections environment.

The latest model of GTL’s tablet, Inspire 1.5, was released in January 2017 and meets the “Transit Drop” test requirement specified by MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Section 4.6.5, a set of protocols that the U.S. Department of Defense uses to assess ruggedness. The tablet emerged unscathed from the rigorous drop test, from which it endured being dropped from a height of four feet onto a rigid surface 26 times—a drop on each of the unit’s six faces, eight corners, and 12 edges. Thanks to its rugged exterior casing, the new Inspire device suffered no physical damage and no operational impairment.

As facilities turn towards introducing tablets into their inmate population, Inspire tablets are leading the way as the future of inmate rehabilitation and securely monitored communications.

GTL will continue to invest time and resources into building products suited for the corrections environment. We are proud to have earned this elite drop test certification and will continue working closely with our customers to provide cutting-edge, industry-leading technologies that are both rugged and reliable.

To learn more about GTL Inspire inmate tablets or for a product demonstration, contact GTL today.

Press Contact: Vinnie Mascarenhas


Payment & Deposit Solutions

Payment Services

GTL’s Deposit Systems create efficiencies when taking deposits, reduce correctional facility costs, and increase the convenience for friends and family members. GTL offers a broad selection of products to choose from so that the right mix can be created for every facility.

Booking & Intake Solutions

GTL offers multiple options for friends and family to set up and fund telephone accounts, inmate trust accounts, or commissary accounts. This streamlines the payment process for friends and family members seeking to communicate with incarcerated loved ones or provide them with funds.

Release Solutions

GTL’s innovative technology allows correctional facilities to streamline the release process through a suite of easy-to-use, time-saving products for returning inmate funds at the time of release.


Enterprise Management Solutions

Offender Management System (OMS)

From intake to release, information on all aspects of an inmate’s incarcerations are maintained by the GTL Offender Management System (OMS) – including initial intake, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, meal planning, scheduling, and temporary release to name a few.

Inmate Accounting & Commissary

OMS Accounting was specifically designed to meet the needs of correctional facilities of every size. Unlike standard off-the-shelf accounting systems, OMS Accounting offers corrections institutions the exact modules that will help them complete all of their correctional facility’s accounting activities.

Virtual Receptionist

GTL’s Facility Services Secretary allows friends and families to easily access facility information, inmate status, and other services such as court dates, release dates, facility address and directions, rules and policies, visitation information and hours, just by dialing a single toll-free number.


Investigative & Intelligence Solutions

Call & Voice Analysis

GTL’s IQ family of call and voice analysis products offer investigators a range of options for gathering actionable intelligence to combat fraud, criminal activity, and gang and terrorist recruitment by pinpointing the location of a called party, identifying phone type, detecting calls from multiple inmates to a single called party, and identifying inmates using voiceprints.

Data Analysis

GTL’s data analysis tools include a powerful data mining and link analysis application to identify actionable intelligence critical to ensuring a facility’s safety and security. They offer the ability to take any data source for the purposes of analysis, even including the detection of mobile devices and the extraction of its data.

Intelligence & Forensic Services

GTL’s Intelligence as a Service offering is flexible enough to meet the unique demands of individual facilities. Focused on the development of actionable intelligence, analysts are trained and equipped with the tools to analyze vast amounts of raw data to provide facilities with the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” Depending on facility needs, analysts can also be equipped to provide mobile device forensic services to extract data from legally seized contraband phones, thus assisting facilities in shutting down the supply of contraband.


Communication Solutions

Inmate Telephone Systems

GTL’s feature-rich Inmate Telephone System is a turnkey solution that comes complete with all hardware and software, including the telephone network, circuits, monitoring and recording system, call-control system, secure database, telephones, workstations, printers, and associated software.

Inmate Messaging

Message Link provides an electronic alternative to an otherwise inefficient and potentially tainted communication method. As contraband and cryptic messages are entering correctional facilities through an ever-rising level of creativity, Message Link provides a secure, controlled environment for inmate messaging.

Visitation Management

The GTL VisitMe video visitation solution allows facilities to transition traditional in-person visitation service to a more secure on-premise or remote alternative. This highly scalable solution can help facilities improve security while reallocating staff time to more critical tasks.

VisitMe Scheduler can eliminate long queues in the visitation area by avoiding the chaos of having a high volume of concurrent visitors at the facility. In so doing, the system also minimizes staffing requirements.


Inmate Services

Education & Information

Education Link allows inmates to take advantage of several electronic learning initiatives while monitoring and reporting each inmate’s progress so adjustments can be made, if necessary.


Our in-pod kiosk can be configured to allow inmates to access a variety of approved multimedia applications through a secure personal device. Offerings in the GTL entertainment portfolio provide access to the largest MP3/4, video, and e-book secure library available.

In-Facility Services

Introducing GTL Genesis to a facility provides an automated alternative to manual, behind-the-bars activities. In addition, the GTL Genesis provides the opportunity to introduce new interactive technologies that help inmates manage their incarcerated time.