GTL & Telmate: One Powerful Upgrade

GTL is constantly working to move the needle for our customers. With the addition of Telmate, our combined products and solutions will provide our customers with one powerful upgrade.

Customer Benefits:

  • Access to larger portfolio of products and support resources
  • Shorter response times to customer needs
  • Unprecedented intelligence gathering capabilities
  • Services and technology that covers everything from booking through parole
  • Greater innovation and resources to build the next generation of corrections technology
  • Democratized access to tablets for inmates
  • More communication options to securely connect inmates and their loved ones
  • New education and vocational training choices
  • Combined platforms to improve efficiency and combat recidivism

With the acquisition of Telmate, GTL takes this opportunity to provide a greater breadth of technology to our customers. At the very core of this commitment is superior service, flexibility, and support to those who serve.