Combining Trained Analysts and Proactive Intelligence, GTL Fusion Helps Correctional Facilities Solve Crimes and Stop Illicit Activity

Resulting in arrests, the recovery of contraband, and disciplinary actions, GTL Fusion provides solid results and benefits for customers


Falls Church, Virginia (PR Newswire) – September 4, 2019 –  GTL, a leader in transformative corrections technology that improves outcomes for inmates and facilities, today announced that its continued expansion of GTL Fusion services allows correctional facilities the opportunity to enhance their security efforts. By combining the knowledge and hard work of trained, qualified intelligence analysts with the power of data analysis through the use of GTL Data IQ, GTL is able to develop reliable, actionable intelligence. This intelligence helps identify inmates, civilians and others engaged in criminal and security-threatening activities within facilities and also helps identify issues outside of the facility, such as human trafficking, elder abuse, and more.

“Our intelligence analysts work tirelessly to ensure that correctional facilities know exactly what is going on in their facility and increase the safety and security of all those within its walls,” said Mitch Volkart, GTL Vice President, Intelligence Solutions. “As an example, an analyst recently completed a proactive investigation following an inmate who was continuously smuggling narcotics into a facility. Using multiple data sources and platforms, the analyst was able to identify the inmate’s family members and other outside entities all involved in the drug smuggling ring. All parties involved were profiting from smuggling contraband into the facility, as well as trying to bankroll legitimate businesses from the drug proceeds. This is just one example of the thorough and revolutionary work being done by GTL’s intelligence analysts as part of Fusion services.”

GTL Fusion focuses on three main pillars: Intelligence, Digital Forensics, and Consultation and Training. GTL helps correctional facilities prevent crimes before they occur and solve them after they happen through a combination of people, technology, and data. Intelligence analysts (people) use data mining tools (technology) to provide actionable intelligence from a myriad of sources (data), including, but not limited to, phone records, financial transactions, jail management system data, and visitation information.

In addition to the work of analysts, GTL Fusion also provides timely forensic extractions of digital devices such as contraband cellular phones, tablets, and drones found in correctional facilities through the GTL-operated National Computer Forensic Lab (NCFL). This state-of-the-art laboratory focuses on proper handling and extraction of digital evidence using today’s most advanced techniques and methodologies, including cellular JTAG and chip-off. The wealth of knowledge obtained by the NCFL, as well as the GTL-operated National Intelligence Center (NIC), is provided to correctional facilities via certified training and consultation to help officers and administrators create strategies and methodologies to identify and stop illicit behavior.

“Unfortunately, not all criminal behavior stops just because someone is put behind bars,” concluded Mr. Volkart. “The services provided by GTL Fusion are designed to supplement facility efforts to mitigate illicit activity and have a positive impact on the safety and security of the correctional facility, the officers and personnel that work there, and the other inmates that are housed there.”


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