Global Tel*Link Voice Print Patent Validated at USPTO, Clears Way for Infringement Suit Against Securus

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Global Tel*Link Voice Print Patent Validated at USPTO, Clears Way for Infringement Suit Against Securus

Patent Trial and Appeal Board rules against Securus’ Inter Partes Review of GTL’s Patent on Biometric Identification – GTL Now Permitted to Pursue Injunction and Damages Against Securus in Texas Federal Court

Reston, Virginia (PRNewsWire) – April 11, 2016 – Global Tel*Link (GTL) today announced that it has prevailed against Securus Technologies in the Inter Partes Review (IPR) of GTL patent 7,853,243, which protects GTL’s technology for biometric and voice validation of inmate calls – widely used features of inmate calling systems and a requirement in many U.S. county jails and state prisons. The Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) confirmed the validity of all of the ‘243 patent’s claims, clearing the way for GTL to move forward with a pending infringement lawsuit against Securus involving the patent.

GTL has asserted the ‘243 patent against Securus as part of a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, targeting alleged infringement by Securus’ “Secure Call Platform,” which Securus has described as the “heart” of its centralized communications management systems. GTL is seeking an injunction from the Texas court to prevent Securus from using its patented technologies, in addition to monetary damages for past infringement.

“The ‘243 patent protects a product that is a fundamental tool for providing and maintaining the security of inmate calling services (ICS) and represents GTL’s commitment to innovation and market leadership in technology,” said GTL CEO Brian Oliver. “Now that this patent has been entirely validated through the PTAB’s rigorous review process, we have a path to trial and the opportunity to show the jury how we believe Securus has infringed these patents, is liable for past damages, and should be prevented from using this technology in their systems in the future.”

GTL filed the patent suit against Securus in October of 2013, alleging infringement of the ‘243 and other GTL patents related to call management and monitoring, use of Voice over IP communications for centralized call platforms, and operation and use of voice verification in inmate calling. All of these patents focus on systems and processes involving the “heart” of Securus’ centralized call system. The case was stayed last year pending the outcome of IPRs filed by Securus against some of the patents; one of the IPRs was denied review by the PTAB, the ‘243 has been validated and the final IPR remains under consideration by the PTAB, with a decision expected later this month.

GTL has never licensed to any competitor the technologies at issue in its lawsuit against Securus and is therefore seeking an injunction that, if granted, would require Securus to cease using GTL’s patented technologies on its platforms at all facilities where infringement is occurring.

“GTL is committed to continuing its investment in innovation, which is represented by its industry leading patent portfolio,” said GTL CEO Brian Oliver. “We are also committed to protecting that investment.”

GTL is currently asserting the following patents in its Texas suit against Securus:

United States Patent No. 7,853,243, “Telecommunications Call Management and Monitoring System” (filed Dec. 17, 2007; issued Dec. 14, 2010)
United States Patent No. 7,783,021, “Digital Telecommunications Call Management and Monitoring System” (filed Jan. 28, 2005; issued Aug. 24, 2010
United States Patent No. 7,551,732, “Centralized Voice over IP Recording and Retrieval Method and Apparatus” (filed Dec. 7, 2004; issued Jun. 23, 2009)


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