GTL Industry-Leading Learning Management System (LMS) Reaches New Milestones in Professional and Rehabilitative Education

Effective inmate education and staff training tools fuel exponential participation growth, creating safer correctional facilities and aiding inmate reintegration into society


Reston, Virginia (PR Newswire) – October 4, 2018GTL a leader in transformative corrections technology that improves outcomes for inmates and facilities, today announced new milestones in professional and rehabilitative education efforts through its robust Learning Management System (LMS).

The LMS is the backbone of GTL’s education solution, administering, documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivering the educational content for those inmates and officers taking advantage of GTL’s Professional Education and Rehabilitative Education solutions. Inmates, educators, and correctional facility officers and administrators are given role-specific access that allows learners to log in and complete coursework while administrators manage registration and monitor progress in a secure environment. GTL’s LMS also streamlines administrative functions for facilities, such as compiling information to meet government reporting requirements.

“We are seeing huge increases in the number of users as more people recognize the value of our LMS,” said Dr. Turner Nashe, GTL Senior Vice President of Education Services. “In 2018, we are anticipating a more than 400% increase in the number of inmates using our LMS. In addition, we have experienced a 380% increase in the number of corrections professionals enrolled in education programs administered through our LMS. These are exciting new milestones not only for GTL but for the corrections industry as a whole. Professional training for officers and administrators is key to reducing staff turnover and creating safer and more secure facilities. We also firmly believe that making the investment in education produces a long-lasting benefit for our customers and their families. It is clear that our industry-leading LMS is an educational management tool that both inmates and staff need.”

GTL has aggressively pursued educational-based services on efforts to reduce recidivism rates nationwide. To that end, GTL’s education programs offer content that spans GED/ABE, life skills, vocational, and workforce development. Successful participation in educational programs while incarcerated has shown to drastically reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

GTL’s programs combine an ever-expanding library of credentialed content from the top providers in the education space with new rehabilitative solutions. GTL offers inmates the knowledge they need, along with access to resources such as cognitive behavior therapy, risk and needs assessments, treatment paths for substance abuse, and more.

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