South Carolina Department of Corrections Transforms Incarceration Environment with Use of Tablets

Facilities realizing benefits for both staff and incarcerated community


Falls Church, Virginia (AccessWire) – February 18, 2021GTL, a trusted partner that connects those affected by incarceration with the resources and support necessary to achieve success, today announced that the implementation of GTL tablets at South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) facilities has provided benefits to the staff, incarcerated population, and families waiting back home.

“We are thrilled about the positive impact that tablets have had,” SCDC Director Bryan Stirling said. “Inmates are communicating more with their families, and it’s been very helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, it has been a huge morale boost for both staff and our incarcerated population.”

SCDC issued tablets to inmates during 2020, providing a new outlet for incarcerated individuals to learn, communicate, and channel their energy. Individuals can listen to audiobooks or music, read free eBooks, play games, watch movies, and more. The tablets also provide ways for individuals to connect with their family and friends back home, including phone calls and email-like messages. In addition to tablets, SCDC and GTL are working toward a state-wide video visitation solution that can increase communication even more.

While providing access to communication and entertainment applications, GTL tablets also offer educational content, which was crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inmates could attend virtual classes and continue meeting their education goals. The tablets provide access to a law library, and SCDC uses GTL’s Learning Management System (LMS) to upload its own education and programs content, making distribution of materials a much simpler process. The same is true of other standard facility processes, such as making requests to staff and receiving communications from the warden and other department officials. The tablets streamline these methods, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for printed materials and officer involvement.

“The fact is that tablets are beneficial to everyone within a facility—officers and incarcerated individuals alike,” said Matthew Caesar, GTL Executive Vice President, Customer Solutions. “One handheld device provides dozens of resources for individuals looking to change their lives and return home a better person.”


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