Stopping Crime Before It Happens – Intelligence Tools, Analysts Prevent Planned Attacks

Whether dealing with proactive, reactive, or predictive intelligence, GTL Fusion provides results and increases safety inside and outside of correctional facilities


Falls Church, Virginia (PR Newswire) – February 19, 2020 –  GTL, a leader in transformative corrections technology that improves outcomes for inmates and facilities, today announced that GTL Fusion Services, combining intelligence and investigative solutions, continues to help protect the secure environment inside correctional facilities and saves lives inside and outside the facility walls.

“GTL Fusion services and our intelligence analysts discover and solve many cases dealing with situations happening within correctional facilities,” said Mitch Volkart, GTL Vice President, Intelligence Solutions. “However, there are a number of outside crimes solved and prevented as well. For instance, an analyst recently discovered that an inmate was making phone calls threatening to physically assault someone once the inmate went on parole. This information was discovered and passed on to the appropriate people before the inmate was able to carry out the violent act.”

The GTL-operated National Computer Forensic Lab (NCFL) performs forensic extractions of digital devices seized in correctional facilities, such as contraband cellular phones, tablets, and drones. Using advanced techniques, the NCFL can extract digital evidence that helps stop and solve crimes, ranging from importing contraband to assaults and far worse.

Over the summer, GTL analysts used various techniques to successfully conduct a full forensic analysis of contraband devices recovered from high-ranking gang members. Among the information discovered was a conspiracy to commit an assault/murder. Working with the correctional facility and others, GTL was able to identify the individuals involved, compiling evidence and data that led to actions which prevented the murder from occurring. A conspiracy to commit murder case is now being built against the suspects.

“Over the course of 2019, GTL Fusion services worked over 5,900 cases, resulting in hundreds of conduct violations, as well as dozens of banned visitors, arrests, security level increases for inmates, and terminations of personnel,” concluded Mr. Volkart. “Many of the cases are still ongoing, but these numbers show that our intelligence analysts are working tirelessly to reduce the number of crimes perpetuated both within and outside correctional facilities and positively impact the safety and security of everyone involved.”


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