Following the Money – Using Financial Transactions to Uncover Illicit Activity in Correctional Facilities

Anomalies in financial transactions to incarcerated individuals can point to money laundering and other illegal activities


Falls Church, Virginia (AccessWire) – March 11, 2021GTL, a trusted partner that connects those affected by incarceration with the resources and support necessary to achieve success, today announced that GTL Fusion Services and its essential intelligence analysts and tools can expose illegal financial activities happening in correctional facilities.

GTL’s intelligence analysts are trained to see patterns and anomalies in financial transactions. Flagging them as suspicious can point investigators toward money laundering schemes, bribery, drug transactions, the introduction of contraband into facilities, and more.

“For those looking in from the outside, it can be difficult to understand the dynamics of daily life in a correctional facility,” said Mitch Volkart, GTL Vice President, Intelligence Solutions. “This is why our intelligence analysts are highly trained, knowledgeable, and imbedded with facility staff—no matter if they are in the facility or working remotely. It is incredibly important that every single person on the team understand the issues faced by the facility, what to watch out for, and how to communicate findings so immediate action can be taken. Following the clues and tracking anomalies—whether they are found in financial transactions, call recordings, messages, or visitation logs—is how illicit activity is uncovered and stopped.”

Analysts utilize GTL’s investigative and intelligence tools, such as GTL Command and GTL Data IQ, to sift through data from multiple databases, finding pieces of the puzzle, and tying them together to stop crime happening in facilities and in the community. They work in concert with other GTL and facility teams to determine if transactions need to be investigated further.

“The combination of people, technology, and data allows us to view transactions and records in a holistic manner,” concluded Mr. Volkart. “By bringing pieces together to form the big picture, we can help investigators and facility staff shut down schemes and crimes before they grow into something more serious. This allows facilities to offer a more rehabilitative experience for individuals, instead of having to spend all their time focusing on crime prevention.”


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