Government Payments

Scalable payment solution for Government

GTL’s government payment solutions takes the work out of taking payments from the public. Whether you are taking payments for fines, fees, tickets or permits, GTL can simplify the process for you. Utilize the latest in technology to tie your system into the GTL solution to quickly look up required payment amounts, process cash and credit payments and streamline operations. Eliminate long lines, impatient customers and reduce the burden on your staff. GTL can process thousands of payments per month, creating dramatic efficiency gains in your organization.

GTL has a long history of using technology to solve problems for government entities. The government payment solution is no exception. Automation can be utilized to realize significant gains in productivity.

GTL Government Payments in action

Watch the video below- see how GTL changed the payment landscape at the 36th District court in Detroit- one of the largest court systems in the nation. The GTL government payment program has revolutionized the courts’ payment situation. In a little under a year, GTL has processed over $400,000 in payments for the courts and handles hundreds of tickets each month. The program continues to grow and has been so successful that the court is expanding it to include multiple other payments that they want to collect.

Key benefits to the GTL government payment solution:

  • Reduction in money handling by staff
  • Reduction in the number of employees needed to take payments
  • Reallocation of staff to more mission-critical job functions
  • Reduced wait times for the consumers making payments
  • Acceptance of both cash and credit/debit card payments
  • Turnkey solution for organizations- GTL provides the machines, maintenance, support and cash pickup
  • GTL an expert in the payment processing field. We use our knowledge to craft an effective program for each client
  • GTL’s payment kiosks are commercial grade machines built to handle the rigors of hundreds of thousands of annual transactions