Deborah Powe – Community Outreach

Deborah Powe - Boys and Girls ClubDeborah Powe of GTL has volunteered with numerous charities in the city of Mobile, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama, which recently received a donation of $2,500 from GTL. The contribution will help provide important needs such as books, miscellaneous supplies and toiletries, as well as food.

Brenda Carlisle of the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama (and Director of Resource Development), explained that several of the initiatives they are currently undertaking are “to help equip the club’s members physically, socially, and academically.” Likewise, they are “thrilled that GTL has partnered with [them] in this mission and are so appreciative of the donation and GTL’s commitment to the community.”

Deborah has volunteered with several homeless charities in Southern Alabama, including HandUp Charity, which provides shelter, clothing, and food, as well as training for job interviews, and McKemie Place, which is the only overnight shelter for homeless, single women in the area. Along with several other GTL employees, Deborah has also participated in the Cancer Walk in Mobile to help fight breast cancer.

Since joining GTL in 2000, Deborah has sought to better understand the people affected by GTL’s community outreach, especially children of inmates, and women, who she felt were insufficiently served by public amenities. As GTL sought to reach more and more people, Deborah became convinced that helping the disadvantaged and minorities was “the right thing to do.” Furthermore, Deborah also wants to leave a legacy for her children so that they will know someday what their mom stood for.

Deborah is excited about the initiatives that merge GTL with the community, since public outreach has always been a part of the mission to help reduce recidivism. And considering her charity work for the Boys & Girls Clubs, not to mention her experience with area homeless shelters, Deborah is thankful that her contributions can make a difference. As she says, “It simply makes my heart feel good.”