Duane Mahon – Biking for a Cause

ride_strong_photo_groupIt is no secret the Global Tel*Link employees truly care about their communities. From San Francisco to Washington D.C., GTL employees continue to find ways to give back to their communities in meaningful ways.

Duane Mahon, Senior Group Manager at Global Tel*Link, is certainly not an exception to this trend.

Duane has been an avid bike rider since he was a young and still loves to take his bike almost every day. Amazingly, he has also found multiple ways to channel that passion into a constructive endeavor that benefits a wide variety of individuals in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

One of these endeavors is the Tour de Tugaloo, a 100 mile biking event that benefits the environmental corridor along the Tugaloo River. Duane has been participating in this event for several years and recently took up the reigns as the race director. As the race director, Duane is charged with organizing 500+ bicyclists and clearing an overwhelming amount of logistical hurdles to make sure that the race turns out as planned. The highly successful event often raises over $20,000 towards its goal of preserving and protecting the natural resources of the Tugaloo River corridor.

In addition to shouldering the duties of Race Director for the Tour de Tugaloo, Duane has also played a key role in the founding of Ride Strong – a brand new event which raises money for a local youth home.

At 207 miles long, the Ride Strong bike event is significantly longer than the Tour de Tugaloo, but given the history of the youth home for which it raises money, the added distance seems to make sense.

The Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia, Georgia is named for the inspirational former “world’s strongest man”, Paul Anderson. Anderson was widely known for lifting an incredible 6,270 pounds and being the last American to win the Olympic Gold medal in the Super Heavyweight division, but he is also known for the wide reach of his charitable foundation.

In recognition of the Paul Anderson Youth Home and the wonderful service that it provides to so many young people, Duane helped to launch the Ride Strong event which starts at Paul Anderson’s birthplace and ends at the Youth Home in Vidalia. The event officially kicked off this past July and, buoyed by corporate a corporate sponsorship from GTL, the event raised over $8,000.

Duane says that “the event will certainly benefit from more planning and experience from its first running, but we are all very excited to continue developing the event into something that raises a lot of money for the PA Youth Home”.

Duane Mahon is just one other example of a GTL employee that is giving back to their community, but GTL is certainly lucky to have such an amazing employee who selflessly puts his time and energy into helping people in need.