Intake Kiosk

Introducing the ConnectNetwork® Intake Kiosk

The ConnectNetwork Intake Kiosk was designed from the ground up to streamline the booking process for correctional facilities. Through the use of technology, time-consuming and tedious money handling issues are avoided, creating not only operational efficiencies, but also reducing time spent recording and reporting on funds taken at booking.

The ConnectNetwork Intake Kiosk has a bulk coin acceptor to process handfuls of change in its storage bin, where it is swiftly and accurately sorted and counted by the automatic coin sorter. Adjacent to the bulk coin sorter is the bulk bill acceptor that can handle up to thirty bills at a time to speed the counting process. Once the bills and coins have been counted, the ConnectNetwork Intake Kiosk can generate a pair of receipts so that one is available to provide to the offender, and another for a file copy.

The ConnectNetwork Intake Kiosk software contains an audit trail to assist with facility record keeping, and all cash and coins are accessible only to individuals doing cash pickup. The upper portion of the machine has a separate key so that it can be opened by corrections staff to change the paper without having to call for technical support, while keeping the money in the machine secure.

Highlighted Features and Capabilities

  • Quickly and accurately handle deposits of offender funds at booking!
  • Easy to use touch screen interface!
  • Bulk coin and bulk bill acceptance!
  • All of the controls are within easy reach!
  • Reduce cash handling and gain efficiency for your booking process!