Media Coverage 2017

The Second Annual Champions Edition.

American Security Today – December 2017 Edition

GTL won a Platinum ASTOR Award in the Best Rugged Computer Tablet category for its Inspire® inmate tablet and a Silver ASTOR Award in the Best Cell Phone Detection Solution category for its Mobile IQ/blended approach for Best Cell Phone Detection Solution. Continue Reading

The Facility Operations Challenge: Improve the Environment.

Corrections Forum Magazine – November/December 2017 Edition

… “Improving processes is the underlying enhancement to Offender Management Systems (OMS) that serve new directives. “Legislative Trends are contributing to a decline in the numbers of persons under institutional confinement and are resulting in more persons paying their debts to society under community supervision programs,” says John Lowry, Senior Product Manager, Product Management at GTL.” … Continue Reading

Digital tablets keep county inmates occupied, quieter.

Kenosha News – November 24, 2017

Designed especially for the corrections market, GTL’s tablets resemble iPads, but are encased in a clear case so that nothing can be hidden inside. Inmates can use the tablets to make phone calls, for email, to play games, listen to music or to read books or news. Continue Reading

2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winners Honored at ISC East.

American Security Today – November 20, 2017

GTL Platinum ‘ASTORS’ Awards Winner. GTL Inspire® Tablet – “Best Rugged Computer Tablet.” GTL Silver ‘ASTORS’ Awards Winner. GTL Mobile IQ/Blended Approach – “Best Cell Phone Detection Solution.” Continue Reading

The war on contraband.

Post Register – November 18, 2017

… “The jail also has reduced contraband by restricting the face-to-face time inmates have with visitors. Visitation today is mostly conducted through online chat using a service called Telmate. Inmates are given access to a tablet computer with limited internet access so they can schedule visits with family member.” … Continue Reading

Inmate tablets serve multiple purposes.

The Rock River Times – November 17, 2017

With tablets, inmates are no longer forced to use the small bank of desktop computers to access the law library. There’s now a mobile app for that. There are religious materials, parenting and job classes and GED study materials, which Redmond said will improve that that process for the 50 or so inmates enrolled in that program. Continue Reading

Northern Illinois County Jail to Allow Inmates Tablet Access; Inmates at a northern Illinois county jail will have access to tablets that can be used as phones and for approved classes.

U.S. News / Associated Press – November 14, 2017

The tablets can’t be used to browse the internet and don’t have social media, video or camera capabilities. Instead, they’re intranet-based, meaning they’ll only allow content the sheriff approves. Continue Reading

Employment Empowerment

Corrections Forum Magazine – September/October 2017 Edition

Being employed has been proven to help keep ex-offenders out of jail/prison. From advocacy to skills training to job data bases, here are ways they can get help. Continue Reading

Calling Them Out – How technology works to ferret out contraband cell phones and their communications.

Corrections Forum Magazine – September/October 2017 Edition

… “There are many viable solutions on the market today that play a part in combating contraband cellphones. The million-dollar question is, “Which one is right for your facility?” GTL consults with customers to customize a strategic solution that works for them.” … Continue Reading

GTL in ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards

American Security Today – September 11, 2017

In recent years, technologies for managing and detecting cellular signals have made their way into correctional facilities, some going so far as to claim to be “the” solution for eradicating contraband phones. Continue Reading

Opinion: How tablets are helping us clean up our prison

Washington Examiner – September 5, 2017

Inmate tablets are the most effective inmate management tool I have seen in my 25 years as a corrections professional. Although some would argue that they are a luxury offering that criminals don’t deserve, the results we’ve seen at my facility in Pima County, Ariz, speak for themselves. Continue Reading

GTL Adds Inmate Voice IQ Search to List of Solutions (Learn More, Video)

American Security Today – August 31, 2017

GTL, an innovator in correctional technology, education solutions that assist in rehabilitating inmates, and payment services solutions for government, has enhanced its patented voice biometric toolset with the addition of Voice IQ Search. Continue Reading

Episode 329: Logging in When You’re Locked Up — Tablets in Jail. Pima County has the only facility in Arizona allowing inmates to use tablets.

Arizona Public Media / PBS – August 18, 2017

Men and women in the Pima County Jail are using electronic tablets, making it the only facility in the state allowing such access, which the jail says comes at no cost to the county. The pilot program started more than a year ago, and the tablets transformed the environment almost immediately. Continue Reading

Winnebago County Board members approve inmate tablets

23 WIFR – August 10, 2017

“There are statistics proving that an inmate who has education upon release is going to have a better chance of making it in society than coming back to jail, so reducing recidivism is our main goal and once that happens you’ll have a safer society as well,” says the Global Tel Link Account Executive, Michael Cisar. Continue Reading

Tablet technology beneficial for Pima County jail inmates, officials say

KVOA News 4 Tuscon – August 7, 2017

Tablets designed to help manage inmate behavior at the Pima County jail have received an education upgrade. “We can take classes on this; we can take anger management and get certificates. There’s GED help books,” said Blake Harms, one of about 1,700 inmates currently using the tablets supplied and funded by Global Tel Link. Continue Reading

Video Visitation

Corrections Forum Magazine – July / August 2017 Edition

Brian Deuster, product manager, Video Initiatives, at Reston, Va.- based GTL points out that video visitation technology can particularly benefit small children who may be negatively affected by a visit to a corrections facility. Continue Reading

Contraband Frustration

Corrections Forum Magazine – July / August 2017 Edition

Chris Pickering, Intelligence Tools Team Lead at GTL, notes that Managed Access Systems (MAS) are crucial in fighting contraband phones. Continue Reading

GTL Tests VR Platform with Inmate Control Group

Correctional News – August 1, 2017

Virtual reality continues to make its way into the corrections market, despite pushback from officials who see VR as a form of entertainment rather than therapy. Continue Reading

Eradicating Contraband Cell Phones a Matter of Public Safety

American Security Today – July 31, 2017

Technology partners to Corrections like GTL support and share in the concerns recently expressed by the ASCA, SCDC Director Stirling, and other correctional administrators. The FCC is not the only organization that must participate in solving this problem. Wireless carriers must realize their important role in closing the gap on this public safety issue. Continue Reading

Our View: Tablets in jail can be a useful tool for inmates and officers

The Rockford Register Star – July 26, 2017

The plan to give tablets to inmates of the Winnebago County Jail is not “government gone soft giving people toys.” The tablets are tools that can make the jail safer for inmates and correctional officers while helping inmates educate themselves. Continue Reading

Illinois County Board Committee Supports Tablets for Jail; An Illinois county jail could be on its way to providing Android-based tablets to its inmates.

Associated Press / U.S. News & World Report – July 21, 2017

ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) — A county jail in Illinois may begin providing Android tablets to its inmates. The Winnebago County Board’s Public Safety Committee met with tablet vendor Global Tel Link before unanimously voting in favor of a resolution to award a contract to the company, the Rockford Register Star ( ) reported. Continue Reading

GTL Encourages Proactive Action on Contraband Cell Phones (Video)

American Security Today – July 12, 2017

GTL, an innovation leader in correctional technology, encourages the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take immediate action to address the nationwide public safety epidemic of contraband cell phones in jails and prisons. Continue Reading

Educating Our Inmates Can Save Taxpayers Millions

Southern Oregon Business Journal – July 5, 2017

With an incarcerated population of over 2.1 million inmates, the United States needs to tackle the issues plaguing our correctional institutions. This is important not only from a financial standpoint – it costs almost $32,000 each year to incarcerate a single inmate – but also from a societal standpoint. Continue Reading

Cellphones dangerous in prisons

Springfield News Leader – July 1, 2017

The uninvited use of a contraband cellphone is not a victimless crime. Too often these devices are used to coordinate, plan and execute a prisoner’s agenda while he or she is locked up. Continue Reading

New Report Highlights Deficiencies in America’s Corrections Facilities; By making investments proven to prevent inmates from returning to prison, taxpayers won’t have to shoulder the burden of additional incarceration costs.

Signal Group – June 13, 2017

Last week, Families Against Mandatory Minimums released a new report, “Using Time to Reduce Crime: Federal Prisoner Survey Results Show Ways to Reduce Recidivism,” which presented the first-ever independent survey of federal prisoners. Continue Reading

Colorado’s corrections department featured in national report for reducing recidivism; Critics, however, have said the reduction has come at a cost to public safety

The Denver Post – June 9, 2017

The Colorado Department of Corrections received praised Thursday in a national report highlighting states that have been successful in reducing recidivism rates. Continue Reading

Is VR education an answer to the U.S. inmate problem? Education’s new VR frontier may have massive implications for inmates—here’s why.

eSchool News – June 1, 2017

Are education and incarceration two sides of the same coin or competing industries? The short answer is ‘yes.’ They are both diametrically opposed and intrinsically linked institutions. And everything you do as an educator directly affects both. Continue Reading

Jail inmates access to tablets decreases bad behavior

KVOA News – May 26, 2017

Meygan Tourangeu has been in jail since April she’s one of the 98 percent of the inmates who has an electronic tablet. She uses it to listen to music and it’s also a link to her family. “You can get pictures of them and that’s just…it’s like being at home but not being at home. You miss a lot when you are in here. Continue Reading

MRRJ inmates now have access to tablets

The News Leader – May 22, 2017

VERONA – In a nod to the 21st century, Middle River Regional Jail began rolling out mini-electronic tablets for its inmates on Monday, giving them access to games, music, eBooks and educational materials. Continue Reading

Tablets for Winnebago County Jail inmates?

Rockford Register Star – May 18, 2017

ROCKFORD — For years, standard issue items for a Winnebago County Jail inmate have been a jumpsuit, sandals, a towel and a package of toiletries. Soon, a tablet could be added to that list. “It’s the future,” Jail Superintendent Bob Redmond said. Continue Reading

Investing in Inmate Education Saves American Taxpayers Real Cash

Morning Consult – May 17, 2017

As President Donald Trump continues his focus on criminal justice reform and additional reforms to federal spending, it is important for the administration to consider the impact of education on inmates and offenders as well. Continue Reading

Tablet computers could prove valuable in helping reform inmates

The Denver Post – May 15, 2017

No doubt, many will criticize allowing prison inmates in Colorado to use electronic tablets as softhearted and wrongheaded. No doubt, many of those who have been victimized by crime will share that view. We’ll say from the outset that, as we take up this question, we definitely sympathize. Continue Reading

Coddling inmates with technology? Readers react to tablet story

Argus Leader – May 10, 2017

A lot of readers were not especially pleased to hear that inmates with the Department of Corrections and the Minnehaha County Jail now have access to tablets. That might be a bit of an understatement. One minute after the story posted to Argus911’s Facebook page Wednesday morning, four people had expressed their disgust. The numbers rose from there. Continue Reading

Inmates in two states will soon be given free computer tablets

Associated Press & NBC4 – May 10, 2017

PIERRE, SD (AP/WCMH) – State inmates in prison systems in Colorado and South Dakota will soon have their own tablet computers. The privately funded program is aimed at helping inmates access educational programs and maintain ties to friends and family, which experts say can help decrease recidivism rates. Continue Reading

Colorado prison inmates getting computer tablets

Fox31 Denver – May 9, 2017

PUEBLO, Colo. — Every inmate in a Colorado prison will have a computer tablet by the end of 2017. That’s 18,000 tablets that inmates will be able to keep in their cell. “I don’t think it’s something that society needs to be afraid of because we don’t have all this access that they think we have,” said Amanda Hall, an inmate the La Vista Correctional Facility in Pueblo. Continue Reading

8,000 Colorado inmates have free computer tablets — but cost of texts, calls and streaming media adds up; Program aims to reduce tension between inmates while offering them more educational opportunities and contact with friends and family

The Denver Post – May 9, 2017

About 8,000 Colorado inmates, including Stiern, are part of a pilot program for Inspire, a program of GTL Corp. that expects to eventually deliver tablets to more than 18,000 inmates in all 20 private and public prisons in Colorado and 1.8 million people jailed across the U.S. Inspire is designed to give inmates access to a wide range of media, including educational programming, … . Continue Reading

Cut the potentially deadly prison cell phone connection

The Post and Courier – May 5, 2017

At 5:30 a.m., on March 5, 2010, one day before my birthday, a man broke down the front door of my home. He shot me six times in the chest and stomach, and left me to die. It was an attempted contract killing, orchestrated via a contraband cell phone that had been smuggled into the prison where I worked as a corrections officer. Continue Reading

Management Software: Integration from A to Z

Corrections Forum Magazine – May / June 2017 Edition

From an offender’s Arrest to their ZIP code upon release, these software programs keep track of offenders at all times and places, throughout the criminal justice ecosystem. Continue Reading

GTL Reducing Recidivism with Educational Inmate Ops (Video)

American Security Today – May 4, 2017

GTL, an innovation leader in correctional technology has delivered more than 100,000 eBooks to offenders over its digital platforms. The Inspire eBooks application allows inmates to browse a vast library of reading material from categories, including fiction, non-fiction, classics, educational, vocational, self-help and more. Continue Reading

TED Talks: What’s In A Name? – April 18, 2017

TEDx Nashville continues to break ground, offering talks from experts like Dr. Turner Nashe, technology expert and prison education reformer, whose company GTL is a leader in prison technology. Nashe and GTL are using technology in innovative ways to educate inmates, reducing recidivism and saving taxpayers millions. Continue Reading

New Stanislaus County Detention Facility Unveiled

KTXL Fox40 – March 7, 2017

STANISLAUS COUNTY — California Governor Jerry Brown and Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson, once on opposite sides of the debate about “realignment,” sat side-by-side on Modesto on Tuesday for the unveiling of the new $89 million Stanislaus County Detention Facility. Continue Reading

Inmate education company bought by big industry name

February 28, 2017 The Nashville Post

A Virginia company has acquired local inmate education services provider Innertainment Delivery Systems with plans to quickly and massively scale its reach. Continue Reading

Prisons donate cellphones to anti-domestic violence agency

February 28, 2017 WCAJ TV News

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s prison system is donating confiscated cellphones to make it easier for victims of domestic violence to call for help. Continue Reading

Prisons donate cellphones to anti-domestic violence agency

WCAJ TV News – February 28, 2017

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s prison system is donating confiscated cellphones to make it easier for victims of domestic violence to call for help. The Corrections Department on Monday turned over nearly 4,000 phones to Domestic Violence Intervention of Lebanon County. Continue Reading

Inmate education company bought by big industry name; President aims for 1M users in short order

The Nashville Post – February 28, 2017

A Virginia company has acquired local inmate education services provider Innertainment Delivery Systems with plans to quickly and massively scale its reach. Terms of GTL’s purchase of eight-year-old IDS aren’t being disclosed. Continue Reading

Colorado Prisoners Getting “Free” Electronic Tablets — With a Catch

February 15, 2017 Westword

The technology available to state prisoners in Colorado is about to take a leap into the 21st century. And not everybody is happy about it. Continue Reading

WNY jail uses video visitation software

January 24, 2017 WGRZ ABC 2 Buffalo

Mayville, N.Y. — Families of inmates at the Chautauqua County Jail can now visit with their loved ones without leaving home. Continue Reading

GTL Unveils Major Release of Inmate Telephone Platform

January 19, 2017 American Security Today

GTL has introduced a major release of its industry-leading centralized inmate calling system featuring a new user interface that enables facility customers to access the system through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Continue Reading

New system to manage Douglas County jail visitations, remote visits to come

January 17, 2017 KETV ABC 7 Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. — The first phase of a new system is in place to manage visitations at Douglas County Corrections, which receives about 2,500 visitors a month. Continue Reading