GTL Mobile IQ Product Suite Launched as Affordable and Reliable Means of Eliminating Cell Phones in Correctional Facilities

Real solution replacing costly and unreliable Managed Access Solutions

Reston, Virginia (PRNewsWire) – May 20, 2016 – Global Tel*Link (GTL) , the leading provider of correctional technology solutions and an innovator in payment services solutions for government, today deployed Mobile IQ ™, a new proprietary strategy designed to decrease the use of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities across the United States. Each year, thousands of contraband phones are seized from within the secure perimeter of facilities, posing a threat to the safety and security of offenders, facilities and staff.

GTL is proud to partner with agencies in combating the growing security threat of illegal phones in their facilities. Mobile IQ is a three pronged layered approach for addressing the problem of illegal phones. It focuses on 1) Detection, 2) Extraction and 3) Analysis or (DEA), providing a better alternative to Managed Access Solutions (MAS).

Mitch Volkart, Product Manager at GTL said “We are pleased to have come to market with a secure solution no other vendor can compete with, for safer and more secure facilities. Through Mobile IQ, our customers will benefit from investigative efficiencies that MAS and other detection tools do not provide. Our customers can now apply an ‘intelligence led corrections’ approach for eliminating contraband phones in their facilities, creating a safer, and more secure environment for everyone in the correctional ecosystem.” Mr. Volkart added “GTL has reached a new milestone of over 500 users of Data IQ, GTL’s industry leading data mining and link analysis application, and key component of Mobile IQ,”

“Many agencies around the country initially get caught up in the concept of MAS to address the contraband cell phone problem, but we are seeing those who test the waters move away from MAS,” said Chris Tarbert, Senior Vice President at GTL. “MAS is limited for many reasons, including that it is costly for agencies, it does not address WiFi and satellite calls, and it fails to address the link between supply and demand for contraband phones. Facilities using MAS may see a slight decline in the number of cell phones but nowhere near a significant enough decline to warrant a positive return on investment. A continued recovery of contraband phones is a clear indication MAS technology isn’t very effective in controlling illicit phone communication.”

GTL is focusing on providing sound products and strategy through the multi-faceted Mobile IQ approach. With Mobile IQ, our customers will address contraband phone devices already in their facilities and shutting down the supply chain of these devices. To learn how GTL’s Mobile IQ solution can work for you, contact GTL Today.


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