GTL Will Oppose FCC Order On Reconsideration for Interstate ICS Phone Call Rates

Price cap shortcomings and FCC’s jurisdictional oversteps require court challenge

Reston, Virginia (PRNewsWire) – August 11, 2016GTL, the leading provider of correctional technology solutions and an innovator in payment services solutions for government, today announced its intention to oppose new rate caps contained in the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Order on Reconsideration (Order) issued August 9th.

GTL believes the FCC has set rate caps at levels that fail to account for the costs of administering inmate calling services (ICS) in our nation’s prisons and jails, and that the agency has exceeded its jurisdiction by preempting state, county and municipal authorities on issues of rate making and correctional security, without clear authority to do so.

“Although the FCC should be applauded for finally recognizing that correctional facilities do, in fact, incur costs through the administration of ICS, they missed the mark with their latest attempt at piecemeal ICS reform,” said Brian Oliver, CEO of GTL. “Recognition of these costs is a small step towards a meaningful, comprehensive solution, but arbitrarily specifying those costs and ignoring state and local jurisdiction to manage rates and correctional security is not the right approach.”

“It’s clear that the agency’s leadership is itself divided on these issues, and all parties have been seeking guidance from the courts on the questions of pricing and jurisdiction for nearly three years,” said Oliver. “It is time for the FCC to stop changing the rules, to allow the courts to resolve these fundamental issues and end the uncertainty.”


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