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The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) entered into an agreement with GTL to provide a variety of advanced services to the inmate population. In addition, GTL will offer select services to the friends and family members through their approved payment portal - ConnectNetwork.

Electronic Messaging (Effective March 15, 2016)
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PADOC Electronic Messaging Fee Table

Friends and Family
Message Credits Cost
4 $1.00
20 $5.00
40 $10.00

Message Credits Cost
1 25 LinkUnits*
*available for purchase through Commissary

For Customer Service Inquiries, please contact 1-877-650-4249.

GTL places a high priority on customer satisfaction. If a customer feels that their issue is not resolved according to existing policy and regulations, they can request a supervisor. Furthermore, GTL maintains an entire escalations team that is solely dedicated to issues that require, for example, additional research - ensuring that the escalation is handled as quickly as possible. Additional contact information for our customer service team can be found by visiting our online billing support center.

Link Units are purchased through the standard commissary ordering process. Inmates will select the Link Units line item on the commissary form and if the appropriate amount of funds are available in their commissary account, the Link Units will be transferred to their account for use.

Inmates will have the ability to respond to, as well as initiate, electronic messages provided they have the necessary Link Units available to them. To purchase Link Units, the inmate would select the Link Units line item as part of the standard commissary ordering process.

At this time, no pictures, videos, additional files, or any kinds of attachments are permitted in the email.

The inmate does not have an email address. Your email will be sent to the facility’s ConnectNetwork email account. The facility staff will then review your message and decide to approve or reject the email.

This will be determined according to the policies of each individual facility. You will need to contact the facility for this information.

All email received by the facility are subject to review and approval by the participating facility staff. Inappropriate content, determined by the facility, could cause the email to be rejected.

All email sent through ConnectNetwork is subject to review by the facility staff. Once approved, the email message will be delivered to the intended inmate.

You can view the email messages that were sent through your Recent Activity page. You will click the Email Center link from the left side menu, and then click the Recent Activity sub menu link. You are not able to view the body of the messages, but you will be able to view a summary of your sent messages.

You may type up to 2,000 characters in a single email message

You may check the status of your sent email on the Recent Activity page. The email will show as “Pending” until the facility has received it and approved/rejected it. Once the email is approved/rejected, the email will change from “Pending” to “Approved” or “Rejected.”
An approved status does not necessarily mean the inmate has physically received the email. A status of “Approved” only means the facility has determined your email was appropriate for delivery. Delivery to the inmate will follow the facility policies.

The email address that you will receive information at is the email address that was entered on the Account Settings page. You can change your email address by selecting the Account Home left menu item, and the Account Settings sub menu item. You will need a valid email address to receive notifications of email purchases and sent email confirmations.

The inmate must write a letter and send it through the mail to reply to an email message. Depending on the facility’s mail policies, it may take a while to get a response back.
The facility will decide when they will deliver your email message to the inmate. If you have not received a response back from the inmate (through the mail), they may not have received your email message yet. For information on email delivery policies, you will need to contact the facility.

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