Transforming to a SmartPrison™

SmartPrison is GTL’s proprietary method of increasing efficiency in operations, visibility to critical data and utilizing technologies to dramatically change how correctional facilities operate. By implementing the innovative concepts and principles of the SmartPrison initiative to maximize integration between technology solutions, GTL allows customers to better manage care, custody and control of inmates in their care.

GTL builds a custom solution for each customer which utilizes technology solutions to better manage facilities under their control. Products which might be included in a custom solution include:

Corrections of Yesteryear

  • Offenders using standard payphones to make unsecured, collect phone calls
  • Manually tracking offender paperwork including sentence calculations, affiliations, population county, offender movements
  • Unsecured face to face visitation sessions
  • Manual accounting process’ including the handling of large volumes of cash deposits
  • Bulletin-board diagrams of obtained intelligence
  • Over-run mail rooms processing stacks of printed letters
  • Offenders just ‘doing their time’

Corrections of Tomorrow

  • Fully configurable integrated offender calling platform
  • Offender Management Solution providing automation, accountability, alerts and security parameters that are fully configurable
  • Monitored visitation services including in-depth scheduling parameters
  • Electronic deposit channels integrated with a corrections designed accounting solution for proper account reconciliation
  • Data analysis solutions that encompass the various interaction points of each offender, providing investigative and preventative intelligence
  • A controlled inmate correspondence solution capable of gathering intelligence and eliminating contraband while promoting continued correspondence with friends and family members
  • Providing offenders with the outlets necessary to further their education and seek treatment and counseling services in an effort to reduce recidivism