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GTL Inspire® Tablet Solutions for Corrections

A GTL inmate tablet program is a simple yet effective and secure way to increase efficiency for facility staff while creating more ways to connect inmates with their friends and family—a true win-win for any facility.

Damage Control

The Inspire tablet is built to survive life in a correctional facility, having been drop-tested to military standard MIL-STD-810G, so facilities do not have to worry about continually replacing broken devices.

Staying Secure

The Inspire tablet features five distinct security elements-network security, wireless security, operating system security, hardware security, and application security.

Reducing Violence

Inspire offers applications focused on education, entertainment, and efficiency, which keep inmates occupied and reduces inmate/officer interaction and possible violence. Inspire tablets can introduce powerful incentives for promoting positive behavior within the inmate population.

Saving Time and Money

With efficiency applications available on the Inspire tablets, inmates can make requests, submit grievances, and order commissary items without officer assistance—saving facilities time and money in reduced paperwork and officer manpower.

Building Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance

With over 65,000 pieces of educational content (exercises, videos, courses, and more) available on the Inspire tablet, inmates stay busy, tackle education gaps, and prepare for a meaningful reintegration into society by learning new, relevant skills.

Offering educational opportunities to inmates can facilitate re-entry, reduce recidivism, and lessen the burden on correctional facility personnel.

Reducing Recidivism

Tens of thousands of pieces of credentialed education content are available to inmates through GTL’s Rehabilitative Education solution. And education has a significant impact on recidivism rates – with rates dropping from 76.6% to 13.7%, if an inmate earns an Associate degree, to 5.6% if they earn a Bachelor’s degree, and nearly 0% if they earn a Master’s degree.

Continuing Education

GTL’s Rehabilitative Education solutions are accessible by inmates both inside a correctional facility during incarceration and in the outside world after release. This continuous education allows inmates to better transition better into the next phase of their lives, secure employment, and break the cycle of reincarceration.

Lessening the Burden

GTL’s education solution is completely digital – courses are offered on tablets, tests are taken on tablets, and scores are recorded electronically on the Learning Management System (LMS). Facilities do not have to print stacks of paper, officers do not have to sit and grade quizzes, and filing cabinets do not have to be stuffed with decades of education records.

Inspire® Applications


Efficiency Applications

Facilities can reduce staff involvement and expensive overhead associated with routine tasks and inmate issues by utilizing the efficiency applications included with the Inspire program.



The Commissary application puts responsibility for commissary orders in the hands of inmates, thereby reinforcing self-responsibility and reducing officer involvement. With the application, inmates can view their commissary account balance, view the items that they can and cannot order, and place their own requests.


From a standardized electronic form, inmates can choose a request type, submit a request for review, check its status, and view the outcome. Through this application, requests are automatically routed to the party responsible for responding to the request, reducing confusion and minimizing officer involvement.


Electronic grievance submittal creates accountability by tracking all grievances, their results, and the interactions between inmates and staff. Inmates file grievances (and any appeals) through the application.

Sick Calls

Facilities can eliminate paperwork and reduce the man-hours involved in the medical sick call process by introducing inmates to the Sick Call feature on tablets, which gives inmates the ability to make medical and appointment requests through an interactive voice response (IVR) system available on the telephone platform.


Communication Applications

Increase inmate communications with friends, family, and professional services without sacrificing control or security, all in one inclusive program.



With tablets, inmates can make calls more privately from their living quarters instead of communally at the wall phones while surrounded by other inmates. This means that no inmate or group can control the telephones, lowering the potential for inmate-on-inmate violence. Phone usage might also increase, and with all the security features of the inmate telephone system, including call monitoring and recording, this can benefit investigators


Instead of traditional letters, inmate correspondence will enter a correctional facility as email-like messages which can be reviewed, sorted, and distributed in an efficient manner. Electronic messages significantly reduce the amount of contraband introduced through the traditional mail system, and the review process can identify hidden messages more effectively.


With the Request2Call™ application, friends and family members can see when an inmate is logged into a tablet and alert the inmate when they are available to accept a call. This reduces scheduling issues and increases the opportunity for connections between inmates and their loved ones.


Entertainment Applications

It might seem like a luxury to give inmates entertainment applications on a tablet. However, inmates who are occupied with games and music are less likely to cause trouble for facilities and allow officers to focus on more important tasks. All content can be tailored to conform to facility policies.


Game Center

Inmates can play dozens of games, from Mahjong and Sudoku to boxing and bingo through the Game Center application.


Newsfeed delivers secure access to articles from several approved news providers, allowing inmates to keep up to date on the latest in sports, business, politics, and more. Facilities have complete control over what newsfeeds are allowed.


eBooks allows inmates to select from over 50,000 books to read at their leisure from academic, popular, and professional publishers. The application includes bookmark capabilities, so an inmate can pick up where they left off on any Inspire tablet.

Streaming Music

Streaming Music allows inmates to search over 12 million tracks for the artists, tracks, and albums they want and listen to them repeatedly without any skip limitation.

FM Radio

Inmates can scan the radio dial to identify local stations with adequate reception within the facility, save stations to their Favorites menu, or manually adjust the dial and skip channels.

TV Audio

TV Audio allows inmates to listen to the dayroom’s television audio without having to sit close to the television, thereby reducing the potential for fights over not being able to hear the TV.


Inmates can use their Inspire tablets to watch movies approved for the corrections environment.


Education and Information Applications

Offering educational opportunities and other information to inmates can facilitate re-entry, reduce recidivism, and lessen the burden on correctional facility personnel.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Through the LMS, correctional facilities can work with local education providers to add content, track the progress of inmates, and set up virtual classrooms with specific content. Inmates can enroll in courses and/or be assigned courses as part of their sentencing.

GED Prep Modules

GED® prep modules offer engaging and comprehensive instruction in the areas of language arts, math, social studies, science, and consumer education to assist inmates in studying for a high school equivalency exam.

KA Lite

The offline version of Khan Academy® helps educate inmates by allowing them to study at their own pace and choose from over 20,000 practice exercises and 7,000 instructional videos on subjects such as English, history, computer programming, and economics.

Law Library Access

If a correctional facility subscribes to a law library, GTL can enable Law Library Access so that inmates can access it on their tablets.


It is sometimes necessary for a facility to provide information to inmates, from the rules and regulation handbook to visitation guidelines. The Documents application stores PDFs of all facility documents and provides a new measure of efficiency for facilities, saving money and time on printing and distribution.



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GTL Tablet Solutions

Inmate Education is the Key to Reducing Recidivism Rates Nationwide and Worth the Investment
By: Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr., Senior Vice President of Education Services at GTL

April 16, 2018

RESTON, Va., – (PR Newswire) Prison reform discussions include many topics, but one of the key components centers around lowering recidivism rates and the question of whether education and rehabilitation programs really have a positive impact on inmates. Studies have repeatedly shown that increasing education initiatives within prisons leads to lower recidivism rates, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. The RAND Corporation found that for every dollar spent on education, between four and five dollars are saved because of lower re-incarceration costs.

A National Institute of Justice study reported that more than 67% of released prisoners are rearrested within three years of their release. The cycle of arrest, incarceration, and release is very costly for the taxpayer. Fortunately, there are solutions for providing inmate education and reducing re-incarceration costs.

GTL’s inmate tablet technology has stood out as a leading solution for increasing rehabilitation and security and reducing recidivism rates nationwide. Tablets provide educational tools to inmates in a more efficient, effective, and secure manner. GTL’s Inspire inmate tablets provide a learning management system, over 165 thousand pieces of educational content, educational videos, access to a law library, eBooks, and much more. When used in tandem with programs at the state and local level, tablets can make a real difference in inmates’ lives.

For example, Idaho state lawmakers passed the Justice Reinvestment Act in 2014, which invested money into rehabilitation programs for inmates instead of building new prisons. The Free2Succeed program was also implemented, pairing newly released parolees with community mentors who offered support and guidance. When the program began, the recidivism rate for prisoners was 35%. In 2017, the state found that the recidivism rate for inmates matched with a mentor was about 4%. This proves that education and rehabilitation programs work—and they work well.

Simply put, the cost of education and rehabilitation programs is far less than the cost of imprisoning inmates. While these initiatives mean investing in inmates, giving inmate the knowledge and tools to become motivated members of society in their lives outside of a correctional facility’s walls pays back several times over. It’s a situation that benefits everyone and an investment worth making.

Watch this YouTube Video describing how GTL is changing the face of corrections through education. Learn how innovative new technology can be utilized to save the taxpayers while simultaneously helping those who were incarcerated to gain life skills necessary to gain meaningful employment to reduce their chances of returning to jail.

Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr. is an entrepreneur, inventor, innovator, and recognized leader in building technology that facilitates delivery of educational and entertainment content to security sensitive industries such as correctional facilities, hospitals, and schools. His inventions have created innovative solutions for emerging eco-systems that are revolutionizing traditional approaches to the delivery of educational content within secure facilities. Dr. Nashe holds an Ed.D. in Administration and Supervision from Tennessee State University and a B.S. in Psychology from John Carroll University.

Press Contact:
Vinnie Mascarenhas


Payment & Deposit Solutions

Payment Services

GTL’s Deposit Systems create efficiencies when taking deposits, reduce correctional facility costs, and increase the convenience for friends and family members. GTL offers a broad selection of products to choose from so that the right mix can be created for every facility.

Booking & Intake Solutions

GTL offers multiple options for friends and family to set up and fund telephone accounts, inmate trust accounts, or commissary accounts. This streamlines the payment process for friends and family members seeking to communicate with incarcerated loved ones or provide them with funds.

Release Solutions

GTL’s innovative technology allows correctional facilities to streamline the release process through a suite of easy-to-use, time-saving products for returning inmate funds at the time of release.


Enterprise Management Solutions

Offender Management System (OMS)

From intake to release, information on all aspects of an inmate’s incarcerations are maintained by the GTL Offender Management System (OMS) – including initial intake, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, meal planning, scheduling, and temporary release to name a few.

Inmate Accounting & Commissary

OMS Accounting was specifically designed to meet the needs of correctional facilities of every size. Unlike standard off-the-shelf accounting systems, OMS Accounting offers corrections institutions the exact modules that will help them complete all of their correctional facility’s accounting activities.

Virtual Receptionist

GTL’s Facility Services Secretary allows friends and families to easily access facility information, inmate status, and other services such as court dates, release dates, facility address and directions, rules and policies, visitation information and hours, just by dialing a single toll-free number.


Investigative & Intelligence Solutions

Call & Voice Analysis

GTL’s IQ family of call and voice analysis products offer investigators a range of options for gathering actionable intelligence to combat fraud, criminal activity, and gang and terrorist recruitment by pinpointing the location of a called party, identifying phone type, detecting calls from multiple inmates to a single called party, and identifying inmates using voiceprints.

Data Analysis

GTL’s data analysis tools include a powerful data mining and link analysis application to identify actionable intelligence critical to ensuring a facility’s safety and security. They offer the ability to take any data source for the purposes of analysis, even including the detection of mobile devices and the extraction of its data.

Intelligence & Forensic Services

GTL’s Intelligence as a Service offering is flexible enough to meet the unique demands of individual facilities. Focused on the development of actionable intelligence, analysts are trained and equipped with the tools to analyze vast amounts of raw data to provide facilities with the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” Depending on facility needs, analysts can also be equipped to provide mobile device forensic services to extract data from legally seized contraband phones, thus assisting facilities in shutting down the supply of contraband.


Communication Solutions

Inmate Telephone Systems

GTL’s feature-rich Inmate Telephone System is a turnkey solution that comes complete with all hardware and software, including the telephone network, circuits, monitoring and recording system, call-control system, secure database, telephones, workstations, printers, and associated software.

Inmate Messaging

Message Link provides an electronic alternative to an otherwise inefficient and potentially tainted communication method. As contraband and cryptic messages are entering correctional facilities through an ever-rising level of creativity, Message Link provides a secure, controlled environment for inmate messaging.

Visitation Management

The GTL VisitMe video visitation solution allows facilities to transition traditional in-person visitation service to a more secure on-premise or remote alternative. This highly scalable solution can help facilities improve security while reallocating staff time to more critical tasks.

VisitMe Scheduler can eliminate long queues in the visitation area by avoiding the chaos of having a high volume of concurrent visitors at the facility. In so doing, the system also minimizes staffing requirements.


Inmate Services

Education & Information

Education Link allows inmates to take advantage of several electronic learning initiatives while monitoring and reporting each inmate’s progress so adjustments can be made, if necessary.


Our in-pod kiosk can be configured to allow inmates to access a variety of approved multimedia applications through a secure personal device. Offerings in the GTL entertainment portfolio provide access to the largest MP3/4, video, and e-book secure library available.

In-Facility Services

Introducing GTL Genesis to a facility provides an automated alternative to manual, behind-the-bars activities. In addition, the GTL Genesis provides the opportunity to introduce new interactive technologies that help inmates manage their incarcerated time.