GTL Fusion Services Proactively Find Violations, Make Correctional Facilities Safer

Intelligence analysts take initiative, going beyond technology to get the job done


Falls Church, Virginia (AccessWire) – October 7, 2020GTL, a trusted partner that connects those affected by incarceration with the resources and support necessary to achieve success, today announced that GTL Fusion Services continues its nonstop effort to enhance the investigative capability at correctional facilities. With correctional officers and investigators outnumbered at many facilities, GTL deploys intelligence analysts to assist in monitoring and searching across communication, payment, and other channels for activity that indicates misconduct both inside and outside a facility’s walls.

The services provided by GTL tie directly to the mission of National Crime Prevention Month, which occurs every year in October. Dedicated to providing information that can reduce the occurrence of crimes in their communities, the National Crime Prevention Council and partner organizations proactively distribute information and tips to get ahead of the issues.

“Our intelligence analysts go above and beyond, not only reacting to leads but proactively developing actionable intelligence by thinking outside the box,” said Mitch Volkart, GTL Vice President, Intelligence Solutions. “GTL’s suite of Intelligence and Investigative Tools is incredibly robust, but analysts that take initiative by searching across other platforms, digging deep, and communicating with other analysts across the country are proactively finding misconduct, alerting the right people, and making correctional facilities safer.”

Recently, a GTL intelligence analyst was able to locate photos and videos taken inside a correctional facility. Alerting the facility resulted in the successful recovery of multiple weapons, narcotics, cellphones, and additional contraband items. Identifying, locating, and removing contraband from facilities creates safer environments for both officers and incarcerated individuals, which supports an atmosphere focused on rehabilitation.

“By combining technological tools and the expertise and methodical work of our analysts, GTL Fusion Services is able to root out problematic items and individuals,” concluded Mr. Volkart. “This recent event shows that working in concert with correctional facilities, investigators, and a national network of analysts allows us to share information, tips, and best practices that result in more discoveries, increased security, and fewer tragedies.”


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For over 30 years, GTL has worked side-by-side with correctional facilities and government agencies to provide imperative technology solutions to the populations they serve. These solutions facilitate meaningful connections, provide educational opportunities, enable successful reentry, and strengthen operational efficiency. GTL is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, with an employee presence throughout North America and provides solutions in support of 1.6 million inmates across the globe. To learn more about GTL, please visit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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