Stopping the Flow of Contraband with GTL Data Analysis Tools and Intelligence Analysts

GTL’s patented inmate telephone system (ITS), data analysis tools, and intelligence analysts help improve safety inside correctional facilities


Reston, Virginia (PR Newswire) – April 11, 2018GTL today announced that its patented inmate telephone system (ITS), data analysis tools, and professionally-trained intelligence analysts have assisted correctional facilities in helping stem the influx of contraband.

Correctional facilities have long battled contraband issues, whether the contraband consists of minor items or items such as narcotics, cellphones, and tools. No matter how the contraband is introduced into the facility—through the mail, through visitation, through staff or facility workers—every piece poses a serious threat, including death, to inmates, staff, and the public.

“GTL invests heavily in providing intelligence tools and services to help facilities combat the threat associated with people attempting to introduce contraband,” said Mitch Volkart, Director of Intelligence Tools and Managed Access Systems (MAS). “Safety is our customers’ single most important goal, making it also GTL’s single most important goal.”

All contraband is a major concern in correctional facilities because even the most harmless items can be used as currency among the inmates, creating disputes. Items such as contraband cell phones have been used for dealing drugs, running illegal businesses, and organizing murders.

Several GTL solutions recently proved their worth by identifying individuals engaged in illicit activity with inmates. GTL’s Intelligence Services deploy highly qualified intelligence analysts to operate at correctional facilities while remaining a part of GTL’s Fusion solution. These analysts work to efficiently and effectively develop both proactive and reactive actionable intelligence from the millions of data points found within otherwise disparate systems, including inmate telephone systems, contraband mobile devices, accounting systems, visitation systems, and more.

“Backing our solutions with experienced intelligence analysts and industry experts who have worked in facilities provides GTL with a unique perspective for collaborating with customers, understanding challenges, and working to achieve the same goal,” added Mr. Volkart.

In a real life example at a large correctional facility in the United States, a GTL intelligence analyst leveraged the information from GTL’s ITS and used the GTL Data IQ application to easily consolidate the information into a single, easy-to-use, customizable user interface in order to see the big picture and accurately pinpoint the staff and inmates involved in a contraband scheme. The name of the facility has been withheld to protect the strategies and tools leveraged by the agency.

“GTL’s solutions are designed to work together seamlessly, providing correctional staff insight into the big picture of what is going on inside their facility,” concluded Mr. Volkart. “Every GTL solution can function on its own, but they achieve their full potential when combined.”

To learn more about how GTL’s data analysis tools can assist an investigative team, contact GTL today.

GTL will be exhibiting in booth 717 at the American Jail Association’s upcoming 37th Annual Conference & Jail Expo in Sacramento, California, April 22–24. The Technology in Motion motor coach will also be present inside the exhibit hall at the conference to showcase GTL’s complete range of innovative solutions for the corrections market.


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