Professional Staff Training

The national corrections officer turnover rate is more than 30% because of issues such as training, lack of career advancement, and, in some cases, poor pay. GTL recognizes that a new era of training and learning is necessary for today’s corrections staff.

Educational Opportunities for Officers and Staff

GTL’s professional staff training programs provide a complete, technology-focused education solution that enables facilities to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce, as well as assist officers and staff members to grow in their jobs, efficiently perform duties, and climb the career ladder.

GTL is unique in its partnerships and customizable solutions. We can include and package all software, hardware, and content via tablets or classroom computers. Our staff helps your facility gain operational efficiencies by automating, digitizing, and reducing costly, manual processes such as test giving and grading. Our paperless solution offers a virtual audit trail. Now you can store and quickly retrieve auto-graded reports directly from the system. What’s more, you can easily create or convert your own home-grown courses or content within the LMS.

Correctional officers who may not have access to a desktop computer can now do their in-service training on tablets in the field. From pop-up quizzes to discussion threads, they can follow along in real-time and directly engage with a staff instructor while learning is taking place.

  • Pre-Service Training includes support for correctional officer academies and content that is eligible for college credits.
  • In-Service Training supports wellness and staff development.
  • Certification Training helps staff members obtain industry-recognized credentials.

GTL’s customizable training can be utilized by staff members of all levels and individuals can match courses to their needs and learning pace. Corrections officers that have gone through additional training are more efficient in their jobs and offer a higher-degree of safety and security not only inside a correctional facility, but outside, too.