GTL Education Changes Lives

GTL Education Services delivers end-to-end programs that address the unique requirements of any correctional facility.

Why GTL Education Services?

  • We are educators first and foremost, with your academic interests and outcomes as our goals.
  • We partner with the world’s best education content providers to give the most choices.
  • We scale our offerings to fit your situation and augment your team.
  • We do not “replace” your staff with technology.
  • We offer programs that are easy to implement and which scale with you over time.

What Makes GTL Different?

We’re not just an education company, we are a 30-year veteran of corrections technology. We leverage advanced technology to deliver the best education solutions possible. Our courses are developed for all students, and we have proven methods to deliver securely within corrections. Studies consistently show that education leads to reducing recidivism, which is our ultimate goal.

Finding the Right Solution

The combination of proven technology and our Learning Management System (LMS) provides a secure, safe mechanism where instruction can take place inside a correctional environment, and beyond.

Inmate Education

Offering credentialed content that covers everything from life skills to advanced degrees
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Improving an inmate’s life with customized plans that go beyond incarceration
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Workforce Development

Preparing released inmates, parolees, and probationers for re-entry as successful, employable adults
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Professional Staff Training

Training corrections professionals to improve operational efficiencies and reduce staff turnover
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