Inmate Education

Inmate education is the leading factor in reducing recidivism. It has been proven that those with an education have more opportunity and are less likely to reoffend.

Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Unique to the corrections industry, our education programs offer credentialed content in partnership with the best providers in the academic world, covering everything from basic life skills to advanced degrees. Inmates may not be able to complete their education while incarcerated, so GTL provides our released students with the ability to continue programs during their period of re-entry into society, and beyond.

Our programs are designed with compelling content to help inmates overcome the historical challenges faced in education. We know how to make the necessary changes to your facility to help inmates more fully accept education services, such as:

  • GTL's offerings in Adult Education (including GED/ABE, K–12, and post-secondary education)
  • Juvenile Education (including high school equivalency prep)
Our basic education packages are customizable to fit the needs of your facility and inmates. At GTL, we know that education isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer levels of options ranging from a basic, no-cost solution to a fully customized learning program.
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