Workforce Development

As finding a job post-release is a major factor when considering recidivism, our workforce development programs prepare inmates for the day they are released. They also support parolees and probationers who have already begun re-entry, through vocational training, certification training, and general workforce readiness.

Preparing Inmates for Life After Release

With a focus on helping inmates return to the job market, GTL is the first company to offer “behind the wall” access to the U.S. Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop website, which provides job search help for former inmates and assists them with career, training, and employment needs.

We offer three levels of workforce development programs that increase the chances of successful employment for released inmates:

  • Workforce development content covers both productivity and transitional competencies that are key to rebuilding lives outside of a correctional facility.
  • Productivity competencies are skills, knowledge, and attributes that make individuals productive in the workplace.
  • Transitional competencies help individuals secure employment and make progress in their jobs.