Companies Partner to Give Inmates Access to Freelance Training, Unique Opportunity to Help Bypass Roadblocks of Traditional Employment

New Partnership with VirtualiaNet Allows Inmates to Learn Entrepreneurial Skills by Making Vocational Coursework Available on GTL Inspire® Tablets


Falls Church, Virginia (PR Newswire) – August 27, 2019 – GTL, a leader in transformative corrections technology that improves outcomes for inmates and facilities, today announced a partnership with VirtualiaNet, a company offering vocational training courses targeted towards the most in-demand opportunities on freelancing websites which post thousands of jobs every day.

The VirtualiaNet course package also includes an eBook writing course, so after inmates learn the top eight vocations, they can learn to launch and promote their own product. “Studies show that even after one year of being released, 60 percent of inmates are still unemployed,” said Phil Alfaro, Cofounder of VirtualiaNet. “The ‘Gig Economy’ is a trend that’s re-wiring how corporations and entrepreneurs work, and the human resources department as we know it is now being disrupted. We look forward to seizing these employment opportunities through the reach and depth of knowledge displayed at GTL.”

GTL is working to help inmates access this growing employment trend by offering VirtualiaNet coursework on its Learning Management System (LMS); the backbone of GTL’s education solution portfolio – delivering educational content for those inmates with the opportunity to access solutions.

“Today’s workforce is changing. Our furthering of educational content offerings with VirtualiaNet’s coursework allows us to tap into an entire sector of freelance work opportunities. This ultimately helps inmates to find a job and be more employable once released back into their communities.” said Dr. Turner Nashe, Executive Vice President of Education Services at GTL. “Over the last four years, the freelancing market has shown steady progression. Research shows that freelance professionals represented 35 percent of the United States workforce in 2018.

There are many factors that make digital vocations an ideal avenue to help formerly incarcerated individuals succeed as they re-enter society:

  • It can be a “work from home” profession that permits geographic independence, eliminating challenges with transportation or affordability of locales with the best jobs.
  • The freelancing process completely bypasses the resume/interview process. Through freelancing worksites, professionals only need to show their expertise in the types of jobs they are willing to accept.
  • This is a quickly growing market. Almost 57 million Americans freelanced in 2018 and 74 percent of that population started in the last five years.
  • Technology makes it easier to connect to these opportunities ranging from task-based to managing whole projects.

The courses offered are designed to be completed in under 90 days, which includes going through all nine modules, and to reach sustainable income in under six-months. The inmate will learn how each vocation operates, then choose a few of the vocations they want to focus on. Freelancing offers variety and the ability to work with clients from all over the world, and inmates can continue to access the courses and other resources once they re-enter their communities. Through this program they can get assistance as they make each additional step toward successful reintegration.


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About VirtualiaNet

The VirtualiaNet freelancing course was launched in the Spanish market in 2014 by CEO Juan Martitegui. The training program grew to be one of the most impactful courses in that industry with over 25,000 students in over 40 countries, and a YouTube channel dedicated to testimonials. Co-founder Phil Alfaro re-recorded the course for the English market and has a customized version for inmates and an entrepreneur version for returning citizens. In addition to the online training, the course’s success comes from the virtual weekly coaching sessions to help each student achieve sustainable revenue from freelancing. For more information or to contact please visit:

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